The latest: Azerbaijan vs Portugal Football Match Report

Bernardo Silva’s technical finish opened the scoring for the former European champions

Azerbaijan vs Portugal Football Match Report in FIFA World Cup

Azerbaijan vs Portugal : An easy victory over Azerbaijan put Portugal at the top of Group A, but automatic qualification for the World Cup is still in progress.
Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva completed an impressive game, and then after Diogochota mistakenly handled Bruno Fernandez’s cross, Andre Silva tapped.

Liverpool’s Jota scored a header in the third quarter to seal the victory and separated Azerbaijan with the bottom of the group.

Serbia, as the co-chairman, will face the Republic of Ireland later on Tuesday.
On Tuesday, the two teams tied for the top of Group A with 10 points. Serbia led with a goal difference. Then Portugal won its third victory on the International Match Day.

The Portuguese team did not count on the striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who took off his shirt and won the second of the season by celebrating his second goal in the 21st victory over the Republic of Ireland Yellow card and suspension.
Portugal have three games left and will face Luxembourg on October 12.


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Portugal did not have Christian Ronaldo who was suspended after picking up the yellow card as he picked up the yellow card while celebrating the victory of Lastasp 21 in Ireland last week.

But his absence is the beginning of Bernardo Silva and Andre Silva and Diogo Jotá. It does not feel as a result of crashing with half.

Memorial Bernardo went to visitors hooked at the Ballary to the Balerio to the cross of Bruno Fernandes deeply. Since Portugal has duplicated its cables,

Fenands were involved, this time, its cross has changed a goal through the goal by Jota by Andre Silva.
Jota is rounded full time 15 minutes away and goes to the center of Joao Cancelo.

Genteante has three points of Fernando Santos in group A at 3 points of three points 3 of his qualified rivals cellos vies to visit Ireland after martos.

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