New! Italy vs Switzerland Football match report | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho saw his second-half penalty saved by Swiss keeper Yann Sommer in Basel

FIFA World Cup 2022 : Italy vs Switzerland Football match report

Italy vs Switzerland : Italy tied the international record of 36 undefeated matches, but drew in Switzerland, putting the World Cup qualifiers in Group C in a balanced state.

The European Championship is a better team, but also a waste. Jorginho saw the penalty stopped in the second half.
Roberto Mancini’s team led the group with 10 points, 4 points ahead of the second-placed Swiss, but played two more games.

On the other hand, Germany and Spain have earned first place in the group.

This is where Italy found itself after winning a draw for the second time in a row, but gave it a place in the record book, ahead of Spain’s 35 matches (200709) and Brazil’s 36 matches between 1993. The record undefeated is the same as in 1996.

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho’s shot is an excellent opportunity for the Azzurri to secure a victory and get back on track after the disappointing 11th home draw with Bulgaria on Thursday.

But his efforts were blocked by Yann Sommer. After Domenico Berardi received a foul from Ricardo Rodríguez, Yann Sommer blocked his left side.

The next Group C game will be held on Wednesday, with Italy playing against Lithuania at home and Switzerland against Northern Ireland, which is ranked third.

Germany and Spain regain their lead

After struggling to beat Liechtenstein by 20 times on Thursday, Germany regained its ruthless lead, defeating Armenia by 60 points, re-establishing their position in Group J authority.


Serge Gnabry scored twice in the group stage in the 15th minute. Marco Royce and Timo Werner scored a goal before halftime and they dismantled the Armenian defense.

Jonas Hoffman added a fifth point on a low rebound in the 7th minute. Substitute Kareem Adeyemi scored on his international debut in injury time, the icing on the cake.

The victory meant that the German team overtook Armenia to lead the group, and their visiting team is now two points behind second place. Romania ranked third with 9 points, 1 point ahead of North Macedonia.

Spain defeated Georgia by 40 points and returned to the top of Group B, although their position remains unstable.
Luis Enrique’s team scored 10 points from five games, but played two more games than Sweden, which ranks second.

Sweden won 100% in three games, including Thursday’s victory against Spain. 21 wins.

On Sunday, Jose Gaya, Carlos Soler and Ferran Torres took control of the hosts because they left no sequelae in Solna’s defeat. This is the first time they have played in the World Cup in 28 years. Lost in the qualifiers. Pablo Sarabia added another goal after the intermission. Luis Enrique’s team trailed by three points.

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