Brazil v Argentina suspended after visiting players accused of Covid violation


Brazil v Argentina suspended : After Brazilian health officials objected to the participation of three Argentine players who they believed violated the quarantine rules, the World Cup match between Brazil and Argentina was suspended a few minutes after kick-off on Sunday.

After the referee of the Corinthians Stadium came out to stop the game, the audience left the stadium.
The dramatic intervention took place a few hours after Brazilian health authorities stated that the four Argentine players in England should be quarantined.

Although he did not name all four, the Premier League club’s players are Aston Villa’s Emiliano Buendia and Emiliano Martinez and Tottenham’s Joe Vanillo Celso and Cristian Romero.

Martinez, Los Celso and Romero start the match in Sao Paulo.

After the game was suspended for about an hour, the Brazilian players organized an impromptu training on the field. The governing body of South American football Camebol said in a statement:

“According to the decision of the match referee, the match between Brazil is determined Federation

” The referees and match commissioners will submit reports to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which will decide next steps These procedures strictly comply with current regulations.

According to Brazilian regulations, tourists who have been to the UK within 14 days of entry must be quarantined for 14 days after their arrival.

“We have come here for everything that ANVISA has instructed. According to AFP, the Brazilian health regulator Anvisa director, Antonio Barra Torres, said on Brazilian television that it had not materialized from the beginning.

“[The four players] were instructed to remain in isolation while awaiting deportation, but did not comply. They went to the stadium and entered the field during a series of infractions, “added the official.


Brazil v Argentina suspended: “They did not tell us we could not play”

Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni) said It was disappointing not being able to find a solution before the game will begin.

“It saddens me,” he said. “I’m not looking for anyone to blame. If something happens or not, now is not the time to intervene.

“This should be a meeting for everyone to enjoy the best players in the world. I hope the people of Argentina understand that as a coach, I must protect my players.

” They have never told us that they cannot participate in the game. We also want to participate in the game, just like Brazilian footballers.

“Farcical” analysis

“What a ridiculous way to commemorate one of the best matches in world football history.

” The match began . We play for 5 minutes. Some health officials were prowling the field. It was clear that we would not have a game today.

“Argentina, which had another match with Bolivia on Thursday, arrived at the airport without participating in the match.”

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