Latest: Chile vs Brazil match today in Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Brazil players celebrate after scoring against Chile (Getty).

Chile vs Brazil : The Brazilian team defeated Chile’s top 10 at the David Arellano Memorial Stadium in Santiago and continued to rank among the best in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. Check out the highlights and goals of this game.

Brazil has experienced a difficult game, but in the 2022 World Cup South America qualifiers, the Santiago Monument David Arellano Stadium won the tenth victory over Chile. Here you can find the highlights and goals of the game.

It was not until the second game that Everton Ribeiro scored a goal for Brazil’s 2021 Copa America finalist, and the team coached by Tete. Now the five-time world champion will prepare for the next game against Argentina on Sunday.

Chile vs Brazil: Game Preview

Chile and Brazil met today at the David Arellano Memorial Stadium in Santiago for the ninth round of qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Here, see all the information about this exciting game, as a preview, information, history, predictions and probabilities.


Chile currently occupies seventh place in the ranking. They will have a tough match with La Canarinha, but if they want to get into qualifying, they need to start scoring. In fact, their last game was against Brazil in the America’s Cup, with 10444 people coming to an end, and the visiting team came to this game after losing to Argentina in the America’s Cup final.

Neymar and his company hope to recover as soon as possible and remain unbeaten in the qualifying rounds. They ranked first in the qualifying rounds. However, the team will not have some important players.

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