New! champion Brazil: Brazil through to quarter-finals in Tokyo

Everton striker Richarlison

Champion Brazil

Defending champion Brazil easily advanced to the men’s soccer quarter-finals, but 2016 silver medalist Germany was eliminated.

The Everton Richardson striker scored two goals in the closing minutes. Brazil defeated Saudi Arabia with 3-1 points and won first place in Group D. Ivory Coast came in second after tying Germany with 1-1 points.

Group B South Korea beat Honduras with 6-0 points to advance to the group stage.

New Zealand and Romania scored 0-0 points and ranked second with goal difference. When a header by Saudi defender Abdullah Al Amri ruled Matthews Cunha’s opener at Saitama Stadium,

Brazil looked set to fall into a frustrating draw.

However, Richard Lison, who performed a hat-trick in the champion Brazil group match against Germany, took the lead again with 14 minutes left, and the victory was secured by time.


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The German team needed to beat Ivory Coast to pass the ball. But in the second half Benjamin Henrichs tried to push the ball into his net while making a six-meter tackle in the penalty area and fell behind.

Eduard Loewen tied with a free kick 6 minutes later to equalize the score. But despite the pressure, the German team could not find a winner.

The host Japan defeated France by 40 points in Yokohama, becoming the only team to win three games in the group stage.


goals from Sakai Hiroki, Kubo Takebo, Miyoshi Koki and Maeda Taishan sealed the victory. And finally faced the New Zealand team.

Mexico finished second and will face South Korea after a 30-match victory over South Africa. Who lost all three games in the group stage.

Egypt will face Brazil in the quarter-finals after beating Australia 2-0. Argentina, ranked second in Group C, can only play 1-1 against Spain, the group champion.

Argentine midfielder Thomas Belmonte scored a late draw that invalidated Mikel Merino’s first goal. But this was not enough to prevent Argentina from slipping to third place and retiring.

Spain finished with 5 points in three group matches and faced Côte d’Ivoire in the quarter-finals.
The four teams in Group B each advanced to the final round with 3 points, but South Korea became the first in the group.

Huang Yicheng’s hat-trick helped New Zealand beat Honduras by 6-0 points in the quarterfinals.

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