Euro 2020 Highlights: Croatia vs Scotland, who’s the winner?


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Croatia vs Scotland : First, Vlasic opened the scoring for Croatia, only because of Hampden’s outburst, Callum McGregor scored the tie.

Luka Modric and Ivan Perisic scored in the second half, and the Croatian won 31 points and advanced to the round of 16.

Croatia vs Scotland Euro 2020 Highlights

The first half of the match exceeded expectations. First, Vlasic opened the scoring for Croatia, only Hampden broke, Callum McGregor scored the tying goal and the two teams scored 11 points at the end of half time.

The wonderful performance in the second half, including Luka Modric’s world-class goal and Ivan Perisic’s brilliant header, ensured that the Croatian team won 31 matches and secured a seat in all 16 rounds. Croatian captain Luka Modric lurked on the edge of the penalty area, waiting for the ball to hit him, and then hit the ball in the upper corner with the outside of his boots. Euro 2020: Croatia advances to the round of 16 under the leadership of Modric.

Croatia captain Luka Modric lurks on the edge of the penalty area, waiting for the ball to reach him, then hit the ball with his outside line to start the game. 35 years old, this may be Modric’s last European championship, he still does not want to go home.

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All highlights:

CRO 31 SCO Modric’s goal in the 62nd minute helped Croatia beat Scotland by 31 points in the 2020 European Cup on Tuesday, and allowed the team to enter the round of 16 in the 2020 European Cup. Modric’s performance in the first two group matches was mediocre. The midfielder was forced to go deeper.


Croatia faced criticism for lack of sparks in the offense. But the midfielder showed his class and why he won the Ballon d’Or in 2018, that same year he helped his team reach the final of the World Cup.

Croatia’s other two goals came from winger Nikola Vlasic with a low shot from close range in the 17th minute and Ivan Perisic with a header in the 77th minute.

Flasic touched the ball twice and with a low shot he beat the Scottish goalkeeper David Marshall. This is the first real attack of the Croatian team in the game. After the Croatian team dominated the game in the opening stage. Fullback Stephen O’Donnell’s defense was terrible, and he let Perisic jump on him without challenge. The Scotland team sometimes withdraws after scoring, inviting the Croatian team to advance into a dangerous position.

Callum McGregor tied the score for Scotland before half time. And drilled the ball into the left corner from outside the penalty area. The Scottish team’s first goal of the game energized the atmosphere at Hampton Park. With tartan troops jumping and hugging in the stands. Scotland crossed into the penalty area with two feet off the wing. Croatia only cleared half time and the ball fell into McGregor’s hands. But this was not enough for Scotland. Scotland were only left out of the game by one point, finishing at the bottom of the group. He knelt down for about a minute when the whistle sounded, then stood up, waving his fists in celebration.

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