Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems

Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems
Barcelona Agency

Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems. Barcelona has been a massive car accident in the making in the last five years, thanks largely to Josep Bartomeu. He had no vision for the club and ultimately could not complete his tenure as head of administration. Joan Laporta, the best President the club has ever had, won the elections in March and was appointed to lead the club into a new era.

The task at hand, on the other hand, is massive and necessitates honesty. Laporta spoke to the media as part of a press conference covering themes like the club’s economic, sporting, and institutional crises.

Laporta began the press conference by explaining why he was there. “This news conference held us to explain ourselves. T describes the choices we’re making right now.”

Naturally, fans have been impatient for far too long, and the current government is well aware of this. Laporta echoed this sentiment, adding, “We’re picking up on a lot of impatience in the club. We’ve finished a project that didn’t work out, and we’re starting a new one that will bring Barcelona a lot of joy.”

A major portion of the impatience originates from Barcelona’s mainly disappointing season. It meant to be a transitional season. But Laporta has long maintained that such campaigns are not appropriate for a team of Barça’s stature: “There are no transitional seasons at Barça. We are grateful for the season we have experienced. We’ll assess it and make future judgments based on our findings. We’ve always treated Koeman, a legend and a professional performing his job, with the highest respect.”

While It will almost certainly resolve the institutional issues with the new board, several sporting issues. Including Ronald Koeman’s future, are in jeopardy. “We’ll meet next week to review the season and make choices about the future,” Laporta said of the situation.

On Messi

Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems
Barcelona Agency

Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems. When it comes to club icons and their futures at the club, Lionel Messi has yet to decide and has formally retired from the garnet and blue. According to reports, the Argentine has offered a new deal. Which the President has remarked on, saying, “We’re making progress in negotiations to extend Leo Messi’s contract, but nothing has finalized or signed yet. Messi aspires to play for Barcelona, and he adores the club.”

As the summer transfer window approaches, Barça has also been in the news. Several players have connected to the club, essentially free agents, with signings and announcements expected next week: “We will announce fresh additions next week.”

Laporta made it plain that he was not hiding behind the results and that he was not happy with the club’s performance in the domestic season, saying, “Losing has repercussions, and we must improve as a squad. What cannot occur is what has occurred in recent years. We’ve lost, and nothing has changed as a result. Losing will have ramifications for us.”

European Super League

The topic of discussion quickly shifted to the highly contentious European Super League. Laporta commented on it, saying, “When we took over, the European Super League was already well underway. B arça needed to participate. When it comes to new developments in the world of football, Barça will never be left out.”


He did, however, make it clear that the final choice rests with the club’s members, who will vote on it sooner or later: “After analyzing all the documentation, we chose to stay in it, but only with the reserve of the social permission.”

He also claimed that he had discussed the ESL with Spanish FA officials: “Rubialies and Tebas are two people with whom I get along well. I recently spoke with Ceferin. We want to start a conversation.”

Probably the biggest problems surrounding the club right now are related to their economic situation. Laporta said, “I cannot be particular. We are still under audit – which will end in July. On June 20th, we will hold the members’ assembly.”

He did, however, tell about the massive wage bill, saying, “The wage bill is 110 percent of the club’s expected income.”

The President addressed the club members, sending out a message of hope: “I’d like to tell the socis that I am patient, optimistic, and convinced that the next season will be successful.” Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems.

Koeman and Laporta

“I tell Koeman everything I think, and he tells me everything he thinks – but always with respect,” Laporta said of their relationship. We didn’t appoint Koeman as a coach, so we need to have these meetings to ensure that our views and ambitions are in sync.”

“Koeman has one more year on his contract,” Laporta stated, confirming that Koeman was hospitalized yesterday due to heart-related difficulties. I want to give him some comfort. We’ll talk about it for a while and then make a decision.”

On Guardiola & Xavi

Barcelona Agency

When asked if bringing Pep Guardiola back to City was his ambition, Laporta deflected the topic by saying, “If you want to ask me about Pep, I wish that he wins the Champions League on Saturday. With City.” I’m not here to discuss my dreams. I enjoy bringing them to life.”

Similarly, when asked about Xavi, he said, “We have the biggest respect for Koeman, who is still under contract with the club.” Don’t rule him out completely. Everyone wants these good-sounding names to appear. We don’t wish Ronald to be involved in any more stories.”

“Koeman has the profile we desire for our next project,” Laporta said, dropping a major clue. “It’s a beautiful and healthy relationship.”

Messi’s departure is sure to raise a sensation in the media, especially if he decides to go due to a lack of a sporting project. “I am sure Messi deserves more and can generate more money than the amount we have offered to him,” Laporta acknowledged. However, I believe that the sporting project, not the money, is more important to Leo. I’m sure he’s enthusiastic about our project.”

On Sponsor

Rakuten has been Barcelona’s official sponsor since 2016, when it signed a four-year arrangement that extended for the 2020/21 season. “We have fantastic proposals for sponsorship of the Barça kit,” Laporta said when questioned about a change in the shirt. We want to keep working with Rakuten, and we’re talking to Mr. Mikitani about it.”

Several reports have suffocated the debate on the future of Barcelona’s heavyweights, including Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and others. Laporta, on the other hand, emphasized that their bond is strong: “We will talk to them – and we are talking to them right now – to communicate that we have been relaxing through the years.” Upstairs, the appropriate decisions were not made. Laporta in the Conference speaks about the big problems.

Koeman is not the first choice.

Laporta dropped a massive bomb by stating that he had told Koeman that he was not his first choice coach and that he would only stay on if the board could not find a replacement within the next fortnight.

If Barcelona had won the league, there is little doubt that Koeman would have retained as coach. “The finish of the season has been awful, and it will force us to make decisions,” Laporta indicated.

“There have been a lot of things that I didn’t like this season,” Laporta said, “but for example, in Paris, we proved that with this club we could do a lot better.”

Even during the campaign, the former politician has always been forthright. Believing that he was the only one who could convince Messi to stay in Barcelona. He backed up his claim by saying, “Messi?” You observe that he wants to be at ease; he knows that he only has a few years left, and he wants to make the most of them. So, what’s new? Well, now I’m President, and I believe Leo approves.”

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