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Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions Real Madrid advanced to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals after a 0-0 draw with Liverpool, with Casemiro impressing but Mohamed Salah disappointing.

Liverpool came out firing and created the majority of the chances on the night, but Thibaut Courtois’ good goalkeeping and sloppy finishing proved to be their undoing. Early on, the Real Madrid number one was on hand to refute Mohamed Salah, before a superb save from James Milner from about 25 yards held him at bay.

Real Madrid posed a hazard on the offensive and came close to punishing Liverpool with one of their rare moves, only for Karim Benzema’s deflected shot to hit the woodwork. The Reds, on the other hand, were not relenting in their pursuit of the game’s first goal, which never materialized as the visitors soaked up the pressure to earn a goalless draw.

Following their 3-1 victory in the first leg last week, Real Madrid are through to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, with Chelsea their rivals in the next round after they defeated FC Porto. Liverpool, on the other hand, has their Champions League dreams for next season shattered, and The Hard Tackle now has the upper hand over both sets of players after an engrossing encounter.

Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions

Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions


7/10 for Alisson.
I didn’t have anything to do, but I did make a good saving. When joining up with the defenders in front of him, he completed each of the throws.

Trent Alexander-Arnold gets an 8 out of 10 for his results.
Alexander-Arnold, who was much better after a poor performance last time out, had a game-high six main passes. While he lost the ball 34 times as a result of his goal of sending ball after ball into the Real Madrid box, he was the single most important cause for Liverpool’s danger in the final third.

Nathaniel Phillips gets an eight out of ten.
Phillips’ rising impact for Liverpool was once again evident in this game. He did a good job at the back. Stepped confidently into midfield, allowing Liverpool to drag Real Madrid further into their own half. He was also a force in the skies, winning 7 aerial duels and completing four interceptions.

7/10 for Ozan Kabak
There were a few jitters at the back, but Kabak did a good job of giving Liverpool possession of the game and moving the ball well from the defensive third. I have made a large cube.

7 out of 10 for Andrew Robertson
Initially, Robertson performed admirably, combining well with Sadio Mane to attack a haphazard Real Madrid right-back. While he stayed in the opposition half and didn’t have anything to cover, his crosses weren’t quite precise enough to bother Los Blancos’ centre-backs.

Wijnaldum, Georginio: 6/10
Wijnaldum got off to a good start in the match, keeping it straightforward and allowing the front men to express themselves. The Dutchman’s influence waned as Real Madrid became more experienced in the game.

7/10 for Fabinho
Fabinho was overshadowed by opposite number Casemiro in another poor performance against former club Real Madrid. The Brazilian international, on the other hand, performed admirably off the ball, but his performance on it needed to be improved.

8/10 for James Milner
Milner put in a strong performance, pushing Liverpool ahead and even being stopped by a fantastic save by Thibaut Courtois. He was effective in the middle of the park and won balls successfully further up the pitch.

Mohamed Salah gets a five out of ten.
Salah was named the Player to Watch in our preview, but he struggled to deliver. Salah would have preferred to develop into the game after being denied superbly by Courtois early on, but he faded and Liverpool were unable to complete the rebound.

5/10 for Roberto Firmino
Firmino saw a lot of the ball and took a few attempts at goal, but his conversion was off the mark on the night, with just one attempt on target. I should have been able to set up Alexander-Arnold with a simple pass, but I squandered the opportunity as well. Given his recent form, this is a rare blip.

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Sadio Mane gets a 5/10.
Mane must have been licking his lips at the thought of facing Federico Valverde, but he failed to bring the Real Madrid manager under pressure once again. Just 68 percent of his passes were completed, and he lost possession 23 times. I’m looking for a motivation.



6/10 for Thiago Alcantara.
Thiago was successful in recycling possession for Milner, misplacing just five passes in the game. Didn’t have to bring in the extra effort on defence, but did a good job pushing Liverpool ahead.

5/10 Diogo Jota
Despite spending nearly 30 minutes on the pitch for Kabak, Jota had little impact, with a transfer completion rate of just 67 percent.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain N/A
Oxlade-Chamberlain was brought on in the 82nd minute to make a rare appearance for Liverpool, but he failed to make an impression.

Xherdan Shaqiri N/A
Shaqiri was a late addition who failed to make an impression in the final stages of the game.

Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions

Real Madrid

8/10 for Thibaut Courtois.
Although the defence did a good job of containing Liverpool for wide stretches of the game, Courtois also contributed to the clean sheet by making a pair of key saves to deny Salah and Milner. The passing rate was a little low, but the glove job made up for it.

8/10 for Federico Valverde.
Valverde was a little late out of the gate, but he quickly found his stride before his class shone through. Mane was kept at bay for wide stretches of the contest, with 8 interceptions to go along with 3 tackles, 2 clearances, and 7 duels won. What a valuable resource for Real Madrid.

7/10 for Nacho
Nacho has done a good job of taking over as Real Madrid’s defensive captain in recent games, and he impressed again on Wednesday with his ability to coordinate the backline. In a strong performance, he made a game-high 11 clearances and won 7 duels.

8/10 for Eder Militao.
Militao was once again spectacular at the core of the Real Madrid defence against Liverpool, despite the absence of Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos. Won four duels while accumulating seven clearances, three blocks, and two tackles. It’s massive.

Ferland Mendy gets a 7 out of 10.
Mendy, who was tasked with keeping Salah calm, got off to a poor start before quickly improving. He did a good job of keeping his marker away from the target and making 6 clearances. However, I didn’t rush forward too far.

Luka Modric gets a six out of ten.
Modric was not as impactful as normal due to Liverpool’s emphasis on negating Real Madrid’s imaginative duo, and he missed the ball a whopping 19 times. The Croat, on the other hand, put in a lot of effort off the ball to help the visitors in the defensive process.

Casemiro gets a perfect score of nine out of ten.
Casemiro was the obvious standout between the two teams, a pillar in the middle of the park who helped Real Madrid shut out Liverpool in the second half. Won ten duels and made five tackles while also participating in a crucial throw. Zinedine Zidane’s most valuable player.

7/10 for Toni Kroos
Kroos continues to inspire even though he isn’t as popular as he should be. He had a lot of defensive duties this time than he is used to, but he nevertheless managed to gain four tackles and five duels.

Marco Asensio gets a 5/10.
Apart from one crucial throw, Asensio didn’t put in the best performance of his career in the final third. While he lost the ball all too much, he did occasionally assist Valverde defensively.

7/10 for Karim Benzema
Benzema may not have had a goal or an assist to show for his efforts on the night, but he came close to scoring, only to be stopped by the woodwork. All game long, he aided his team’s defence and put in the hard yards.

Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions

6/10 Vinicius Jr.
Vinicius Jr. did not have the same impact as he did in the first leg last week, but he nevertheless managed to complete all 24 passes he attempted. He didn’t really carve out the holes, but he did pose a challenge on the table.

Exclusive now Get the ranking for Players in the Champions


6/10 for Alvaro Odriozola
Odriozola came on in place of Toni Kroos and had a few minutes to impress Zidane, which he did by winning three tackles, making all six throws he attempted, and also completing a cross that made its way to Benzema. It’s possible that he’ll get a start this weekend.

Rodrygo gets a six out of ten.
Rodrygo was a ball of energy for Vinicius Jr. in the final stages of the game, but he didn’t have much of an influence.

Isco N/A
Isco was a late replacement for Asensio, but he did not contribute enough to earn a ranking.

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