NEW!! Some Good Happy for Klopp and Arteta Clash Today

NEW!! Some Good Happy for Klopp and Arteta Clash Today

NEW!! Some Good Happy for Klopp and Arteta Clash Today The summer break is done, and two of the Premier League’s largest teams will play on Saturday evening in north London.

However, they may both have more pressing concerns.

Jürgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta, who are currently seventh and ninth in the table, will undoubtedly be thinking about finishing as well as possible, but it might not be the most important thing on their minds between now and the end of the season.

Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals just three days after the match on Saturday.

Before a ball is kicked at the Emirates, they could find themselves eight points behind the Premier League top four (and in-form Chelsea, who are undefeated in their last ten games). Finishing in the top four is now considered a win and a shock, but somewhere between fifth and seventh may be considered a wash.

Klopp will undoubtedly have an eye on Real Madrid when naming his team to face Arsenal on Saturday evening, after suffering too many injuries this season and watching them decimate his squad. Especially after yet another jam-packed foreign vacation?

Even if they lose at the weekend, the Premier League season would remain a loss. However, if they fail in midweek, their chances of winning the Champions League for the second time in three years could also be dashed. Klopp isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Arsenal have come a long way since Christmas, when they were 15th in the table and Arteta was losing support among the supporters. However, Saturday’s match cannot be compared to Thursday’s Europa League clash with Slavia Prague.

NEW!! Some Good Happy for Klopp and Arteta Clash Today

Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe have been lights out in recent months, but both are doubtful for the weekend.

Since wiping out Leicester and Rangers, Slavia Prague is a team to be dealt with. Arteta can’t afford to take chances on Saturday in the hopes of finishing ninth instead of tenth, particularly if they can bite him later in the week.

NEW!! Some Good Happy for Klopp and Arteta Clash Today The reality is that these two are no longer capable of winning the Premier League. Both teams will fall short of their pre-season aspirations in the domestic market, and they will have to work exceedingly hard to salvage the bare minimum they had hoped for going into the season.

That isn’t to say that games can be squandered, but goals must be set, and European success before the end of the season will be huge for any of these clubs.

Liverpool also has a chance to win the Champions League for the seventh time this season.

Arsenal also has a chance to win their first European trophy since 1994 and qualify for the Champions League next season.

Starting this weekend, no side can afford to lose those chances by going all out in their Premier League matches on the home stretch.

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