Exclusive .. Mourinho opens fire on Real Madrid and charges Zidane

Exclusive .. Mourinho opens fire on Real Madrid and charges Zidane

Jose Mourinho, the coach of English club Tottenham Hotspur, blamed Real Madrid for the poor start of Gareth Bale this season with the Spurs, and accused Zinedine Zidane of not being patient with the Welsh star at the Bernabeu.

The 31-year-old returned to Tottenham last summer, but his loan spell did not go exactly according to plan. In the disappointing first half for Bale, Mourinho was frustrated at not being able to take full advantage of the Welsh winger.

Nevertheless, Bale showed glimpses of his former character and provided his best game since arriving at Tottenham in the 4–0 win over Burnley, where he scored twice and set up a goal for Harry Kane last Sunday.When asked why Bill took so long to show his quality with Tottenham, Mourinho answered in his statements to the ‘Daily Mail’ English newspaper: ‘Why over the past two years has happened to him what happened in Madrid? Ask them, maybe if you are answered, you can better understand why it took so long to get to this level, ”.


‘Perhaps having patience was the main reason Bill reached the level he showed in the past two weeks’, he added .In his last two seasons at the Bernabéu, Bale turned into a substitute player under Zidane and often found himself watching matches from the stands, causing fans to lose patience with him given his huge £ 600,000 a week salary.Bale scored eight goals and provided 3 assists in 20 games for Tottenham in all competitions this season.

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