check out … An interesting statement from Koeman after the Remontada.


Barcelona’s coach Ronald koeman confirmed that Wednesday night is the happiest for him as coach of the Catalan team, after returning against Seville and qualifying for the King’s Cup final, and commenting on Remontada’s chances against Paris Saint-Germain.

Barcelona beat Seville (3-0) in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final, after it was defeated in the first leg (2-0).

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published koeman’s statements and asked: “Is it the happiest night for you as a coach for Barcelona?” He answered: “Yes, it is a step to win an important title. We had to play a very complete match, which is what we did. As a coach, you cannot ask for more. Of your players ”.He added: “We endured until the last minute. We fought to the point of exhaustion and this is unbelievable. I think we deserve to play the final because we are the best team in both matches. I am very satisfied with the team’s work tonight. We deserved to win.”

“We pushed, the team is very strong physically and mentally, you can’t play great football, but you still have the ball and I was able to create chances,” he added. “It was really exceptional.”

He stressed: “We always believed, we never gave up, it is a matter of mentality, we must highlight the ambition of the team, we always believe in returning, it is a mentality that we improve and as a coach I cannot ask my team for more than what I saw tonight.”

koeman continued: “Although Seville won the first leg 2-0, they tried to pressure us and score a goal, this is their quality. I love their coach (Lopetegui), who is always looking for a goal. They did not come to the defense and maintain the result of the first leg.”


“The league match in front of them was very important to our confidence (it ended with Barcelona winning 2-0), the way we played there, we tried to play the same match and we succeeded, because we played a great game there on Saturday, and we did not make changes.”

koeman continued: “We managed to score three goals and they could have been more. We tried to press like on Saturday and I think the team was exceptional.”

Regarding Ter Stegen’s blocking of Ocampos’ penalty, he commented: “Of course it is an important moment, with a 1-1 draw almost impossible, and we know that Mark is a great goalkeeper who knows how to save on penalties, we have to trust our team, but hey we also missed opportunities in Important moments ”.”We are very happy, but we have to celebrate the presence of 90,000 people in the stadium, and we hope that we will have fans in the final match,” Koeman stressed.


koeman was asked whether he believed in a miracle against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, as Barcelona suffered a defeat in the first leg of the Round of 16 (4-1).
The Dutchman replied: “Coming back in front of a 2-0 result is easier, although it is not that easy. 4-1 is another thing. We will start the match in order to win, and during the match we will see if there are chances to qualify and if not, we have to accept it.”

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