Really! Arteta excellent coach to Barcelona after Koeman leaves?

Really! Arteta excellent to coaching Barcelona after Koeman leaves?

Arteta excellent after Koeman!? a talented Spanish coach, has been named to the list of candidates to replace Ronald Koeman as Barcelona’s technical director from next season.

Michael Arteta is generally regarded as Pep Guardiola’s replacement, having spent years on Manchester City’s technical staff since taking over as Arsenal boss in the middle of last season.

According to the radio station “Radio Catalonia,” Juan Laporta, the most popular presidential contender, wants to recruit Michael Arteta to head the Barcelona team.

Really! Arteta excellent to coaching Barcelona after Koeman leaves?

In the event that Laporta wins the role of President of Barcelona, starting next season, he places Michael Arteta at the top of his football project list, replacing Ronald Koeman, who is not convincing for him.


Laporta thinks Arteta has the potential to change Barcelona, as Pep Guardiola did in 2008, and he hopes to do so again with the young coach.

And it reinforces Laporta’s urge to name Arteta as artistic director by emulating Barcelona’s popular “Tiki-Taka” style, which he learned from Pep Guardiola during his years working with him.

In the event that the job is presented to him, Arteta will worry about it, concentrating on obtaining assurances that he will be able to shape a real project in Barcelona and that he will be able to achieve his goals.

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