Urgent: Martinez takes a stand from Barcelona and surprises Messi.


Argentine Lautaro Martinez, the striker of the first football team at Inter Milan, decided his position on moving to Barcelona, ​​Spain, during the upcoming summer transfers.

Martinez was linked to signing with Barcelona during the recent transfer periods, and he was about to sign last January, but the deal was stalled.

Inter Milan striker Martinez made it clear that he had decided to renew his contract with Nerazzurri and would not move to Barcelona, ​​especially as he was happy with his rank.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Lautaro said: There have been negotiations with Barcelona, ​​but I don’t know how close I came to moving to this club.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Lautaro said that talks have taken place with Barcelona, but I don’t know how close I have come to transferring to this club.


“But I was very honest with Conte, that I told him my priority here, and he promised that I wouldn’t be affected,” Lautaro continues, “but now this is in the past.”

“I will renew with Inter,” he said, “but I don’t know when; they will be formally confirmed in this timeframe,” he said. But here is my future; I’ve seen myself for a long time with a band.

I love all about this city, the food and the friendship with the fans and the squad, and I have only good feelings here,” he added.”

“I don’t see any heir to Lionel Messi,” he added, “in my opinion, he is like the legend Diego Maradona, no one will ever get close to him.”

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