REALLY!! Laporta and Messi in Barcelona


Juan Laporta, Barcelona’s presidential candidate, unveiled a password to convince Captain Lionel Messi of Argentina to remain in his ranks.
Before he agreed to remain until the end of his contract at the end of the current season, Messi had previously declared his wish to leave Barcelona last season. And Laporta said about the fate of Messi in comments highlighted by Marca newspaper? He must be persuaded to stay that Barcelona will continue to win. Again, we Catalans must stand by the squad.
And he added: “One of the keys to the survival of Messi, I guess, is feeling love again.

” We want him to smile again, so we can look forward to achieving it all again if that happens. He added, “I want to talk with them upon my arrival out of respect for the professionals who are now employed at the club.” Today, there are people here who have good experiences with each other and we hope they can help us.


“We have had talks with Matteo, but we have not decided on anything, I am sure we will find a way to cooperate with him in this project,” he clarified about the potential involvement of Matteo Alemani, the former General Manager of Valencia, saying. It is obvious that all new experiences are evolving,” he went on.” In order to make choices, we will not hesitate. Football has changed and I spoke with Matteo Alemani about it.

“He concluded: “In all matters, we must move forward, we must be a model in all fields.

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