Official bid to the Barcelona star from Al-Nassr…”a surprise deal”


The Al-Nasr Club Board of Directors, led by Safwan Al-Sweikat, sent an official request to one of the stars of the first Barcelona football team.
And because of debts owed by the club, estimated at 76 million riyals, the “Financial Efficiency” committee barred Al-Nasr Club from contracting in the Mercato Winter.

However, in order to sign a “free” foreign player, the Saudi Football Association granted an exception to Al-Nasr to register him as a substitute for the “injured” South Korean star Jang Hyun Soo. Barcelona…
For his part, Bandar Al-Otaibi stated that the board of directors of Al-Nasr would send an official proposal to Ivan Rakitic, the former star of Barcelona, and to Seville, the new Spanish club.


In a television statement, Al-Otaibi stated that the offer of victory to the star Rakitic in order to formally contract with him is valued at EUR 7 million.
The Croatian star, however, is under contract with Seville and is not a free agent, so at the moment it is difficult to sign him.

It should be remembered that, in 310 matches, Rakitic, 32, played for Barcelona from 2014 to 2020, scoring 35 goals and achieving 42 more.
In the summer of 2020, after transferring to Seville, Ivan Rakitic scored 5 goals and scored 3 more in 33 official matches to date.

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