Messi’s crisis has affected Griezmann’s future


Eric Olhats, former agent of The Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, player of the Spanish team Barcelona,

confirmed that the player intended to leave the Catalan club, and that he made this decision before the scandal of the bayern munich match

and the defeat of The Bluegrana by eight goals to two goals in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Eric gave an interview with Radio Monte Carlo in which he revealed several matters concerning Griezmann,

and said: “Before the disaster of the Bayern Munich match, Antonio wanted one thing: to leave Barcelona.”

But it seems that Lionel Messi’s crisis with the Barcelona administration turned things upside down,

according to his former agent, who said in this regard:

«Antoine felt that he was not part of the club’s plans,

and could not continue like this, Griezmann was considering leaving Barcelona seriously, but what we all know happened,

and one call from Koeman was able to calm things down for him.”

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He added: «Koeman explained to Griezmann his plans with the team and assured him that he will have a big business with the team in the future»


Erik ended his remarks by noting that Griezmann continued to work hard, despite the circumstances he had undergone in his first year,

but at the same time stressed that it was impossible for the French striker to continue on the same line for another year.

It is worth mentioning that Argentine star Lionel Messi sent a letter to the management of Barcelona expressing his desire to leave the club during the current summer.

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As is well known, Griezmann was playing with the same centre Messi with Atlético Madrid,

but in the presence of flea it was difficult for the Frenchman to compete with his leader on this position,

so he played continuously as a winger, and the change of his position contributed to his decline significantly,

but it seems that Griezmann will have a future with the team, given lionel’s approach to departure.

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