Griezmann will be would carry the number 7 and will have more leadership in Barcelona


In the conversation that Griezmann had with Koeman, the Dutch coach assured him that he would not play in the winger anymore and that he would carry the number 7 and would have more leadership in Barcelona.

French striker Antoine Griezmann is one of the biggest beneficiaries

of the arrival of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman to lead the coaching staff of Barcelona

after the dismissal of coach ” Setien ” following the historic 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League .

As revealed today by the French newspaper “L’Equipe”,

the French striker had a conversation with his Dutch coach came out clearly satisfied

and felt support after spending the 2019-2020 season

in which he was subjected to many criticisms that made rumors indicate the possibility of his departure this summer mercato.Griezmann will be would carry the number 7

Initially, Koeman does not intend to play Griezmann in the wing centre,

and on the contrary, his role will be much more than the leadership role in the Bluegrana attack.

One of the foundations that Koeman transferred to the 2018 World Cup-winning French international Russia was:

“What you were doing at Atlético Madrid, you will now do with Barcelona.”

In addition, if the departure of Argentine star Lionel Messi is confirmed,

the role Griezmann will have to play is to become the captain of the team again as he was at Atlético Madrid with coach Diego Simeone’ team.

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In fact, the first step of this new ascent will be reflected forward to take charge and importance within the Camp Nou stronghold in the coming days:

Griezmann will regain the number “7” that he could not take upon his arrival in Barcelona a year ago because he is owned by Brazilian Felipe Coutinho,

who has not yet returned from his return to Bayern Munich,

where Griezmann has come to wear the number «17» during his first season with the Pelicans.

But now, even if Coutinho returns to The Barcelona team and does not leave this summer,

as Koeman’s intention seems, the French striker will be the number 7, and the Brazilian will have to choose another number.

Antoine Griezmann, 29, in his first year with Barcelona, was disappointing,

despite his 15 goals in 48 games, but the fact that he was last summer’s most expensive deal, 120 million euros,

and the personal bet of President Josep Maria Bartomeu on him, did not serve him in the most important game of the season:

the Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich.

Despite this poor performance of the Frenchman, the President of the Council of The Administration of The Pelugrana, Bartomeu,

publicly declared, after lisbon’s historic humiliation (8-2),

that Griezmann was “unleaveable”.

Now, after the conversation with Koeman,

in addition to being not on the table, things are pointing out that he’s going to be the leader.

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