Marca reveals Messi’s plan Messi leave Barcelona


Messi leave Barcelona

Marca reveals Messi’s plan

The report indicated that despite his intention, the player will not miss training and will attend the Corona virus test,

and he does not intend to ever meet with club president Josep Bartomeu.

Press reports spread that Bartomeu wanted to meet Messi face to face in an attempt to persuade him to continue with the team.

The report added that Messi plans to train under Ronald Koeman in his first training session on Monday.

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what happened

Marca reveals Messi’s plan

This comes because Messi’s contract is valid with Barcelona so far, despite his request to terminate it.

Many different Spanish and Argentine media outlets confirmed that Messi

sent a fax to Barcelona’s administration requesting that the contract be

terminated unilaterally and leave the club.

As for those responsible for managing Messi’s business, they confirm that

the decision to unilaterally cancel the contract is entitled to Liu in light of

the extension of the mark due to the Corona pandemic.


Messi met with the new Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman on Tuesday morning,

and the Spanish “Quattro” channel explained that the atmosphere was not good during him.

This angered Messi and the meeting ended with his inability to respond to his new coach.

And Messi remains with another season in his contract with Barcelona.

There is no talk to the world of football during the past two days except about the imminent departure of Lionel Messi from Barcelona,

​​something that no one could have imagined despite the abundance of news in recent years,

it was always just news that the Argentine star’s contract renewed, but this time the situation is different.

Asensi responds: “I always saw Messi as a serious person, so I understand that he thought well before making this decision,

and I personally and honestly believe that he will never change his mind.”

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