Barcelona challenge Messi


Barcelona woke up on Wednesday to the shock of the loss of their historic player Lionel Messi,

and the best solution to face Borofax is to try to negotiate with the Argentine star on the agreed exit.

But late at night, the club’s strategy turned to challenging the player, who will be asked to provide explanations,

while still being offered the dominant role in dutch coach Ronald Koeman’s draft.

Hence the battle in which Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu is in a difficult position with the team leader and the best in the history of the club.

The strategy began cooking at an emergency meeting at Camp Nou at 10:00 a.m.

A council was formed to resolve the crisis in the presence of President Bartomeu, Executive Director Oscar Grau, Director Javier Bordas and Technical Secretary Ramón Planis.

They reached the date and their morale in the ground,

sure that they lost Messi and agreed that the only possible way out of this impasse in the face of Leo’s announcement is to agree to a friendly and agreed exit between the two parties,

but something changed during the day prompted Barcelona to challenge the player.

It went from looking for an agreed exit worthy of Messi’s history, to a series of conditions for the Argentine, as follows:

At the outset, Barça insist that Messi will not leave and that the club considers him a pillar of the new project led by coach Koeman,

as he was informed and the response to the Borufax sent by his lawyers.

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This position was expressed publicly by the voice of technical secretary Ramón Planis,


who made this clear during the introduction of The Portuguese player Francisco Trincao, saying:

“We are not thinking of any contractual exit for Messi,

we want Leo to stay with us. I am convinced that the future that comes to us is positive,

Messi has given a lot to Barcelona and also Barcelona has given a lot to Leo ,

we have to fight for the relationship of Barcelona and Messi and move on. We spent many hours internally finding the best possible solution.”

The club’s second premise is that the player has a contract and that if he wants to leave,

he must pay 700 million euros (the value of his penalty clause),

adding that he is in no way considering giving him a letter of freedom.

In addition to the administrative silence, the club expressed itself only through Ramón Planis

and did not plan to do so before Messi himself gave explanations for his decision.

Indeed, Bartomeu had planned yesterday to talk to the player (excluding going home)

to ask him to provide explanations to the club’s partners,

given that they consider that he has caused a crisis and that there will be no institutional reaction until the player publicly reveals the reasons for his departure.

In addition, they remind him of the mistake that Brazilian Neymar da Silva has already made in the opposite direction

(by contracting with Paris Saint-Germain) and things have not gone well with him.

It seems that Barcelona will not give up its historic star as easily as it happened with Neymar and the coming days will be full of hot and exciting events.

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