Messi overtakes Corona virus after news of his departure from Barcelona


Lionel Messi News

Lionel Messi’s news has surpassed all other global news without exception, since news spread that he had sent a letter to the Barcelona Board of Directors asking them to allow him to leave the club.

Messi sent a letter via “Porofax” to the management of the Catalan club,

asking them to activate the clause of his departure if he wanted, one year before the end of his contract.

The Argentine star invested and found an agreement in his contract allowing him to leave for free whenever he wanted,

but by informing the club’s management of a specific period of time.


The search for Messi beats the search for Corona

There were widespread attempts to search for the word “porofax” to identify the method and mechanism used by Leo to inform Barcelona of his very shocking decision.

The news of Messi’s possible departure from the Catalan club in which he grew up since his childhood caused a major earthquake in the sports and non-sporting circles … as searches for the word “Messi” rose by 2300% during the past two days.

The search for Messi went beyond the search for developments in the epidemic.

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