Barcelona have sought to cut player salaries


FCBarcelona have sought to cut player salaries.

Barcelona is the club with the most expensive squad and contracts in La Liga, with a final cost of 525 million euros, equivalent to 61% of the club’s total budget. Barcelona cut player salaries

Taking into account that for the next season, a reduction of at least 300 million euros is calculated in the budget due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic,

and this would leave the club with approximately 80% only in the signatures and the payment of players’ dues,

a situation that would lead Club into technical bankruptcy.

Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu realizes that the situation is untenable at the moment and even the salary cut that was accepted by the team’s players during the hiatus

“which was supposed to ultimately save about 32 million euros” was not enough to ease the economic burden.

Therefore, the club gave the green light to the exit of highly-paid players from the team,

a decision that can be considered necessary, sporting, to revitalize the team,


and economically, to significantly reduce the wage bill.

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The departure of players such as Luis Suarez (23.4 million euros gross a year), Sergio Busquets (14.9 million euros), Ivan Rakitic (13.3 million euros),

Samuel Umtiti (12 million euros), Arturo Vidal (9 million euros) or Jordi Alba (8.5) One million euros

”would definitely relieve the burden on the club’s coffers.

Thus, the absence of these six players already represents a saving of € 80 million.

Knowing that the club has set a goal of reducing the value of the current salary payment by about 100 million euros, which could get the team out of the impasse in which it is located,

Hence, in the event that Suarez requests to continue at the club,

and accept the role of being a substitute player on the bench under the leadership of new coach Ronald Koeman,

he will put Barca officials in trouble, considering that Suarez is the third most expensive player in the team.

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