Koeman’s statements with Barca TV in full


Koeman’s statements with Barca TV in full:

Koeman’s statements with Barca TV in full

Cruyff is someone I learned a lot from as a player and coach Barcelona is my home.

When I went back to town before, something was missing, because I wasn’t here to work at FC Barcelona.

Now I am here as a coach and it makes me very happy The most important thing, whether you are a coach, a player or an employee of Barcelona, ​​is knowing that you are the best club in the world.

Nothing is better. We are all very fortunate to be a part of this club

I will try to regain the position of de Jong that was in Ajax and the Dutch national team Frenkie will be the future of Barcelona It is an honor for me to coach Leo Messi,

Because he may face difficult days while he solves them, he is the best and Barcelona is his home and he has to end his career in Barcelona,

Because the players, the fans and everyone loved him

Messi will find spaces and score goals with me in the team

Who is better at taking free kicks, are you or Messi?

I don’t know, it’s different and incomparable. I scored many goals and he scored more than me. But I only played 6 seasons in Barcelona.

Messi told me how many years he has been playing at Barcelona now?

Is you free kick technique similar to Messi?

Yes, it does not depend on shot power. It depends on other things I like controlling the game, the Dutch love attacking football I had talks with some players to make things clearer.

Koeman’s statements with Barca TV in full:

How is Koeman as a coach?

First of all, I am a disciplinary trainer, I love to put things in order.


I like to dominate the game, And also a realistic coach who depends on the quality of the players

The best quality for a coach is to be clear from the start. I don’t talk two hours to players. No, my message should be clear and concise

The best player you coached?

There are many, Ibrahimovic when he was young in Ajax, also there is De Young, Schneinder, Frenkie de Jong, Vinaldom, Van Dyck, and Depay.

The answer is not clear because , I have not coached Messi yet

The best player you have played with?

Marco Van Basten without controversy

Your preparations before the match?

It’s boring when you’re waiting for a match and waiting for a whistle

Your hobby outside of football?

Spending time with family, I am very hard now

The best city for you?

Definitely Barcelona. Very happy to be back and live again in Barcelona.

Every time we come here I feel this is my house , Although I am Dutch

I will not let you leave the studio without talking about the decisive goal in the final …

Koeman’s statements with Barca TV in full:

The shot was very powerful, I preferred not to place the shot over the wall so as not to hit the goalkeeper.

He was also anxious. Always when I shoot a kick it feels like I can score As a coach, you are always learning something new.

You cannot stop learning. In the Netherlands the league is a little different.

When I come to the Premier League it is a great occasion and everything is ready and excited.

Barcelona is a very big club, and even Benfica is a very big club My father always criticized me, never praised me.

He used to tell me you are good, but you have to improve in many aspects.

But he definitely believed in me and took pride in me when I wasn’t there for him.

But in front of me he was saying you should do more

I feel sorry my father passed away from life andwill not see me again

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