Hans Flick and Thomas Tuchel numbers in the Champions League?


Today, Sunday evening, football fans around the world are looking towards the Portuguese capital, Lisbon,

and specifically its famous stadium Da Luz, in order to follow the UEFA Champions League final match between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain.

In a distinguished season that football fans will never forget, we reached the end of the Champions League,

and after many doubts about the resumption of the tournament,

and after a pause for months, the Portuguese capital will finally witness, on the twenty-third of August,

the final of the Champions League between the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich and the French champion Paris Saint-Germain.

A fiery confrontation outside the lines between two German coaches: Hans Flick, Bayern coach, and Thomas Tuchel, his PSG counterpart.

Hans Flick, leader of the change revolution in Bayern Munich, the lost season to the double and the Champions League final:

The officials of the Bavarian club contracted with Hans Flick after the poor performance and a series of confused results with the former German coach Niko Kovac,

and was able to achieve a surprise by achieving the German League and German Cup double this season as he achieved.

Flick changed a lot at Bayern Munich, he reinvigorated the team,

even if in the worst case he wins, the victorious character that Bayern has always known for has returned,

but in a very interesting and exciting way.

Flick and its impact on Bayern Munich players:

Today there is no player in Bayern Munich who is not in his condition, either technically, physically or mentally.

Everyone is present, and this is due to the wonderful technical staff led by Hans Flick.

Flick’s influence was also abnormally positive on many Bayern Munich players,

whose decline in form was clearly visible and noticeable to everyone at the beginning of the season.

At the head of this group is Thomas Muller, the German who made only 4 goals in 10 matches during the Kovac era,

played 24 matches with Flick, scored 18 goals and scored 10.

Also Lewandowski, the best striker in the world, is the top scorer in the German league with a record number of 31 goals,

he did not stop at that, the Polish is the best scorer and goal maker in the Champions League this season, with 15 goals.

Boateng and Alaba are also a defense duo who kept many in their way and proved that experience is required and skill does not die under Fleck.

The most recent name in Bayern Munich is the young Canadian of 19 years Alfonso Davis, who dazzles everyone with his unique skills on the left side and his superb offensive abilities.

A wonderful return to Bayern Munich and inspiring everyone,

a wakefulness that confirms that there is nothing is impossible in the world of football

when everyone joins together and works for a specific goal,

a wonderful work by everyone in Bayern, headed by Hans Flick.

Thomas Tuchel and the historical dream of Bryce Saint-Germain:

German Thomas Tuchel managed to lead his French team, Paris Saint-Germain, to the Champions League final, for the first time in history,


at the expense of the German team Leipzig in the semi-final with a score of 3-0.

Thomas Tuchel, the German coach, hopes to write history and

achieve the first title for Paris Saint-Germain from the European Champions League and also for the triumph of the historic,

the French League, the French Cup and the European Champions League for the first time in the history of the Parisian club.

Paris Saint-Germain signed a contract with German Thomas Tuchel in the summer of 2018,

after his name shone with Borussia Dortmund and was able in two seasons to win the German Cup title in the 2016-2017 season

and to perform a very distinguished performance with the German team.

Since the arrival of the German coach to the French capital, he has managed to win the French League title in the seasons 2018-2019 and 2019-2020,

the French Super Cup twice as well, the French Cup and the French League Cup once this season.

Tactical flexibility to imagine confusing Bayern:

The German coach Thomas Tuchel, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain,

has been characterized by great tactical flexibility, thanks to his reliance on more than one plan,

since he assumed responsibility in the summer of 2018.

In the current season 2019/2020, Tochel resorted to more than one way of playing,

taking advantage of the lack of competition in the French League,

whose matches turned into a “test field” for the German coach,

but at the same time it became a distinct weapon for PSG in his Champions League career.

Two attackers:

The lack of competition in France was perhaps one of the factors that Tochel used to satisfy the stars of the team by pushing them all at once,

such as the 2/4/4 plan, in which Neymar Jr.

and Angel Di Maria occupy the two wings of the stadium behind Kylian Mbappe and Mauro Icardi, or Edinson Cavani,

who left For the team at the end of his contract as a second attacker, either with Icardi,

with Mbappe returning to the wing position, or with Kylian himself.

The 4/3/3 plan remains a distinctive feature of the Parisian team,

as the offensive combination is in no way devoid of the duo Mbappe and Neymar and next to them Icardi or Angel Di Maria,

such as the semi-final match against Leipzig, or pushing the Argentine player as a left wing in midfield.

In the recent period, Thomas Tuchel also resorted to the 1/3/2/4 plan,

placing Neymar in the center of the playmaker to take advantage of his skills in penetration from the depth

and exchange of opportunity creation for the attacking trio Di Maria, Mbappe and Icardi.

Change of positions:

The German coach also excelled in changing positions of some players, such as midfielder Ander Herrera,

who used him in the right-back position at various intervals.

Brazilian defender Marquinhos has also become an indispensable pillar in midfield,

with Marco Verratti, Idrissa Gaye and Leandro Paredes.

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