Maguire spends his second night in prison

Maguire “verbally insulted an officer, then hit him after that” (Reuters)

A British press report revealed today, Saturday, a new development regarding the arrest of Harry Maguire,

Manchester United defender, in Greece.

The arrest of Maguire was due to his entering into a quarrel with English tourists on the island of Greece,

in addition to his resistance to the police who tried to arrest him.

And according to the British newspaper “The Sun”,

Manchester United Captain spent his second night in a prison in Greece,

after a violent clash with police and fans of rival teams in England.

She indicated that Maguire injured two policemen,

after being punched and kicked, in the face.

The newspaper pointed out,

that Maguire continued to quarrel at the police station,

before he offered the officers money to drop the case.

She said that Maguire will appear in court tomorrow,

charged with assaulting police,

resisting arrest and attempting bribery.

While Maguire’s lawyer stated that the player will be released tomorrow, denying all the accusations.

The Telegraph

Meanwhile, the English newspaper “The Telegraph”

reported that the incident began when two strangers started screaming outside a truck

where Maguire and two of his friends

(Lisa Rashford and Brandon) were present.

It explained that, as soon as the three got off the car,

severe violence began between all sides,


before the police forces intervened.

It indicated that the policemen who intervened were Secret Service in civilian clothes,

and it is possible that Maguire and his friends

did not understand that they were police officers.

It reported that Maguire and his friends assaulted police officers with insults,

bodily harm and disobedience to their orders,

and one of them allegedly attempted to bribe the police when they were taken to the area.

The Manchester United captain was said to face a worst-case scenario with a two-year prison sentence

if the attorney general reviews his arrest on the island of Mykonos for aggravated assault.

Manchester United comments on Maguire’s arrest

On Friday, Manchester United had commented on the arrest of its captain Harry ,

while spending his summer vacation in Greece.

“The club is aware of the incident involving Harry Maguire

,” Manchester United said in a statement commenting on the incident.

The club added, “We have contacted Maguire,

and he is cooperating fully with the Greek authorities …

We will not make a further comment on that at the moment.”

Harry Maguire , 27, joined Manchester United last summer

from Leicester City in a record deal worth more than 87 million euros,

to be the most expensive defender in the world.

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