10 stars looking for new clubs in the summer Mercato


European clubs have ten weeks to sign new players before the Mercato closes its doors on the fifth of next October,10 stars looking for new clubs

noting that there are clubs that have already succeeded in buying new players,

such as Chelsea, which included Timo Werner from Leipzig, Germany,

and Tottenham, who contracted with Bir Emil Hogberg. From Southampton,

while Manchester City sold its wing, Leroy Sane, to Bayern Munich, Germany,

and signed with defender Aki from Bournemouth …

But there are many deals for football stars that the top clubs are still chasing this summer,

and the British newspaper Daily Mail put together a list of 10 stars who are expected to move to other clubs this summer, and they are as follows.

Douglas Costa

Andrea Pirlo, the new coach of the Italian club Juventus, is seeking to put his mark on the team from the start,

as he is looking forward to resolving the fate of a number of players in the ranks of Juventus,

led by the Brazilian Douglas Costa, who is watched by many clubs in the forefront of Manchester United,

who sees him as a suitable alternative to Jadon Sancho if The Red Devils failed to end the deal of the English international from Borussia Dortmund.

Felipe Coutinho

After scoring two goals against his Spanish club Barcelona,

​​on loan from him to Bayern Munich in the match that ended in humiliating defeat for the Catalan giants in the Champions League (8-2),

Philippe Coutinho will return to Camp Nou as soon as his season with the Bavarian giants ends.

Bayern Munich does not want to sign him permanently, and then Coutinho will return to Barcelona,

​​in light of reports that the new Barca coach Ronald Koeman plans to give the Brazilian a second chance at the Camp Nou.

But there are rumors that the player wants to return to the English Premier League,

through the gates of either Chile, Tottenham, or Arsenal.

James Redriguez

The Colombian international, James Rodriguez, the star of the Spanish club Real Madrid,

is going through a difficult period with the Madrid giant.

Rodriguez, who will be 29 next July, has fallen from the accounts of the veteran French Zinedine Zidane,

the royal coach, and several clubs have directed their radars towards James Rodriguez in the lead.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton.

Thiago Alcantara

Bayern Munich star Thiago Alcantara told the German champions of his desire to leave,

and it seems that Liverpool is the most likely club to obtain the services of the international Spanish this summer,


especially since the player shows a desire to go to Anfield Castle,

and the dispute over the price of the player remains the factor that Delay the completion of the deal between the two clubs.

Khaleido Coulibaly

Officials at the Italian club Napoli are looking forward to making the most of the financial benefits of Senegalese international Khalido Coulibaly,

who has been providing impressive levels with the poor of the south in the Italian Premier League, since joining him from Lille, France.

Napoli expressed a desire to dispense with Coulibaly in exchange for dispensing with 70 million pounds,

which stands as a stumbling block in the way of his departure to either Liverpool or Manchester City, the English.

Thomas Partey

With the fall of Frenchman Matteo Guindozzi,

the Arsenal player, from the plans of Mikel Arteta, the Janners coach due to the player’s behavior,

officials at the Emirates Stadium have found that Thomas Parti,

the star of Atletico Madrid, is the appropriate alternative to Gendozi. Al-Atletico Madrid to obtain 50 million pounds,

which is the value of the penalty clause included in Barti’s contract in exchange for allowing him to leave to any of the clubs wishing to join him,

which also includes Juventus and Manchester United.

Sergey Aurier

Tottenham’s coach Jose Mourinho is looking forward to getting rid of Sergi Aurier after the modest offers he made with the Spurs last season,

if he receives a suitable offer,

which is determined by Tottenham at 23 million pounds, with AC Milan’s interest in joining the international Ivorian.

Ivan Rakitic

Barcelona plans to get rid of a large group of its stars in the current summer Mercato

after leaving the Champions League this season with a bitter defeat against Bayern Munich,

and Serbian international Ivan Rakitic is among those players who are watched with links to the Spanish clubs Sevilla, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Jesse Lingard

Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard’s career appears to be nearing an end late this month – ending his 20 years at Old Trafford.

AC Milan is at the forefront of the clubs that want to acquire the 27-year-old,

who has been sidelined since the arrival of Portuguese Bruno Fernandez to the “Red Devils” last January.

John Stones After Manchester City’s contract with Nathan Aky this month,

John Stones’ departure from the Etihad Stadium has become a matter of time,

and many clubs are interested in joining the player, such as Chelsea, Arsenal and West Ham, as well as Everton, his former club.

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