Flick and Garcia permit after the match


Bayern hit a date in the final match of the champions League with Paris Saint-Germain, next Sunday,

in a very strong match between the two most prominent teams this season, at the level of the tournament. Flick and Garcia

After the end of the match against Bayern Munich, Hans Flick praised the players of his team, especially the duo Gnabry and Lewandowski,

and at the same time praised the opponent, Lyon, stressing that he caused the many problems for his team,

and that the victory stood by the Bavarian team to win the match.

What did the Bayern Munich coach say after defeating Lyon in the Champions League?

And after the end of the match, against Lyon, in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon,

Hans Flick made some quick statements to the global sports network (Sky Sports),

commenting on the result and performance during the match.

“We knew that the match would be difficult,” said Hans Flick.

“Lyon qualified for the golden square, after two great performances against Manchester City and Juventus,

and luck supported us in front of them at the start of the match.”

.Flick and Garcia

The coach of the Bavarian team explained: Lyon are very strong tactically and they caused us problems at the beginning of the match,

and they have a distinct attack that is no less than the attack of Paris Saint-Germain, given the wonderful condition of Memphis Depay, and we know that we need to improve the defense,

and I have previously said that we cannot Easily bear the cost of losing the ball, but we lost it tonight, and we almost paid the price,

but Serge Gnabry’s goal from a wonderful individual effort, paved the way for victory for us, and in any case we are happy to win,

and qualify for the final match.

On the reason for replacing defender Jerome Boateng, Flick said:

“Boateng had suffered from some muscle pain and so I preferred not to continue the match for fear of aggravating the injury.”

Flick added, in response to a question about the final match with Paris Saint-Germain, he said:

Paris is a very wonderful team, we have analyzed their performance and their great advantage is the high speed of a number of their players,

especially Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria.

We will secure our defenses well, and we have our effective weapon, which is pressure. To compete continuously,


and not to give the Paris players the opportunity to launch the ball in our regions.

Rudi Garcia: I feel frustrated Luck let us down against Bayern Munich

Rudi Garcia, the coach of the French club Olympique de Lyon, confirmed that his team should have taken the lead in the first half of the match,

confirming that it was the Bavarian club who took the advantage of the European Champions League by losing 3-0 to Bayern Munich.

Flick and Garcia

The initiative thanks to the individual skill of Sergei Gnabry. The clear preference during the first 15 minutes was for the French team,

which almost surprised the Bavarians and everyone,

advancing with two goals through Dutch captain Memphis Depay and Cameroonian Carl Tocco Ecambi in the 4th and 17th minutes,

where the first strangely wasted face to face in front of Manuel Neuer and hit the ball into the outer net of the left post,

while Tocco Ecambi’s shot hit the post.

However, young winger Sergei Gnabry shone and put Bayern ahead with two goals in the 18th and 33rd minutes,

to sting from Lyon’s mission to return to the match.

“We should have taken the lead, but it was Bayern who succeeded in that thanks to the individual skill of Gnabry,”

Garcia said in statements after the match at the “Jose Alvalade” stadium in Lisbon.

We entered to rest and we felt injustice, but we did not give up after that. ”

“In any case, we can feel proud of our season, and the game we played today,” the French coach added,

Naturally I feel frustrated.

Luck did not stand with us at the start of the match when we had two great opportunities.

Bayern Munich qualified to face French club Paris Saint-Germain in the final match of the special edition of the UEFA Champions League,

and the final will be held next Sunday at “Estadio da Luz” in the Portuguese capital, Lisboa.

The Parisian club qualified for the Champions League final for the first time in its history,

after defeating German club Leipzig, 3-0, in the first match of the semi-final.

Flick and Garcia

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