Ahead of the Champions League half | History of Bayern Munich and Lyon confrontations


Bayern Munich clashes with Lyon

Bayern Munich enters a highly anticipated match against Lyon, the French club, today, Wednesday,

in the framework of the semi-finals of the Champions League, at Jose Al Valadi Stadium in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

A confrontation of a special nature, as the German team Bayern Munich hopes to crown the Champions League for the sixth time in its history,

especially after the distinguished levels presented by the team throughout this season.

Bayern Munich crowned the German league

Bayern Munich was able to crown the German League championship this season in addition to the cup championship,

and Hans Flick wants to win the Champions League to combine the three this season since the last time with the veteran coach Joop Heynckes.

History of Bayern Munich and Lyon confrontations

Lyon met face-to-face against Bayern Munich 4 times, as the first time was in 2001 and Lyon lost one way in Munich with a goal before winning the rematch by 3-0.


And the second time he faced it in 2004, at which time Lyon won a 1-1 draw and won the other match over the Bavarian giants 2/1, and that was in the group stage.

Then Bayern met Lyon again in 2008, at which point they tied 1-1 in Munich, and Bayern beat the French team at home by three goals for two.

Then the last time was 10 years ago, where Bayern faced Lyon in the semi-finals of the Champions League,

where the Bavarians won the first-leg matches with a score of 1/0 and 3/0 before Bayern lost the final to Inter Milan.

In total

In total, Lyon met Bayern Munich 8 times, Lyon managed to achieve only two victories.

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