Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel … aconfrontation between the young prodigy and whoever introduced him to the world


Nagelsmann vs Thomas Tuchel

Nagelsmann and Thomas Tuchel a confrontation inside a confrontation.

The confrontation between Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig will go further, as it opens the door to an interesting story, in which the coaches of the two teams play the title role.

The conversation about Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann has increased recently,

as he became the youngest coach in the history of the Champions League to reach the semi-finals, at only 32 years old.

At first Nagelsmann was a youngster in the German ranks of Augsburg,

but the knee cartilage injury forced him to retire before being promoted even to the first team, a major shock that no teenager could bear;

How can you watch your dreams evaporate before you at this age and not collapse?

Thomas Tuchel was 32 at the time, and he is Nagelsmann’s age today, coaching the age groups for Augsburg,

and she does not know how he specifically observed Nagelsmann’s vision and his distinctive analytical vision, in order to decide to invest in that talent.

Tuchel decided to rely on Nagelsmann in analyzing his opponents,

as he asked him before each match to analyze the next opponent, his talent for doing so made Tuchel tell him that he would become a great coach in the future due to his ideas and vision.


Nagelsmann filmed everything through a portable camera, followed the opponents passionately,

and then gave the necessary analysis. It took him hours to skip sleep on the train between Augsburg and Munich,

as a result of mental exhaustion from the large number of accounts, not the result of physical fatigue.


Nagelsmann felt delighted, as if his soul had returned to him, he had a new dream born at the time he bid farewell to his first dream,

and although he was not aware at the time that he had any possibilities to become a coach,

and he did not feel certain about Tuchel’s promise that he would become so,

the man’s confidence in him granted him. The happiness he was missing.

In the future, Thomas Tuchel moved to Mainz to give Nagelsmann confidence again and make him his assistant,

then the young man begins his journey as a coach with Hoffenheim,

then to Leipzig, at a time when Tuchel moved to Dortmund and then to Paris Saint-Germain,

and in the end, they crossed their path again in The Champions League semi-finals as opponents,

and what a much bigger story than the Champions League already.

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