Details about the match between Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk in the semi-final of the european league


The Espert Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany, will be the scene of the second confrontation in the semi-final of the European League Monday between Inter Milan,

which is seeking to restore its European glory after an absence,

and the Ukrainian Donetsk region with the Brazilian spirit, in these lines we talk about the date of the Inter Milan match

and Donetsk in the semi-final of the European League and the transport channel The most prominent details.

On his way to the semi-final of the European League , the Serie A runners-up knocked out Getafe, Spain, with a clean double,

then in the quarter-finals, the owner of the house narrowly eliminated Bayer Leverkusen with a score (2-1).

Nerazzurri is armed in Monday’s match with his deadly offensive weapons under the command of the Belgian tank Romelu Lukaku,

who presents a season and not the most wonderful place on the throne of the team’s top scorer with 31 goals this season,

and played a prominent role in the arrival of his team to this station with his goal against the German team,

which entered the history of the tournament From the big door,

he visited the competitors’ nets over the course of 9 consecutive matches,

to break the record that had been steadfast since 2005 in the name of former English legend Alan Shearer.

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The formation of the Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk match expected Monday 17 August in the European League

While the team will miss in the Shakhtar match the services of the Chilean star Alexis Sanchez,


who injured the right hamstring muscle during the Bayer match,

and it is difficult to catch him not only in the semi-finals,

but also in the coronation match if the Ukraine champion hurdle is overcome.

Coach Antonio Conte’s team is seeking to overcome Shakhtar’s hurdle to make a big step towards restoring European glory for the team,

and returning to the coronation podiums absent since 2010,

which saw him crowned the Champions League with Jose Mourinho.

But the task of Inter will not be easy, as he will,

in return, face a strong opponent who visited the net of his rivals 7 times in his last two matches in the championship,

with 3 goals against Wolfsburg in the round of 16,

and then with a four-fourth in the Swiss net of Basel in the last round.

The Ukrainian champion re-appeared in the big four for the first time in 4 years, specifically the 2015-16 version,

where he fell at that stage at the hands of Seville, who later on his way to the title.

The team with the Brazilian flavor,

due to the presence of a large number of Brazilian players in its ranks, did not taste the loss since last March,

and is armed with a trump card is its star Junior Moraes, who scored two goals in the Wolfsburg match,

also another paved the way for the golden square in the net of Basel.

And just as he has managed to dominate the scene locally inside Ukraine over the last four years.

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