Barcelona Agency report : Quique Setien is a man who dreamed of coaching Barcelona , but he woke up to a nightmare

The story ended, and he awoke from his dream to a nightmare, Quique Setien, that man who never imagined sitting in the seat of the Barcelona coach,
but his dream came true, perhaps in the worst periods of the Catalan team,
only to be shattered on the rock of reality.

By an expected decision, the Barcelona administration announced the dismissal of coach Quique Setien,

after the disastrous loss (8-2) to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Setien did not stay in the position he assumed last January for more than 7 months,

leaving without achieving any title. “This is something I never imagined even in my wild dreams,

Yesterday I was walking beside some cows in my village and today I am in Barcelona training center coaching the best players in the world”,

He sits on this seat a few hours earlier.

But Setien did not succeed in dealing with the power of the big stars in Barcelona’s changing room, headed by captain Lionel Messi.

The coach, who throughout his coaching career did not manage any major team,

failed to gain the confidence of the players in general,

and the big stars in particular, who, despite the failures and lackluster performance with Valverde,

were standing up to defend him against the attack of the masses and the media.

Setien entered into many crises with the stars of the team, especially Messi,

who openly criticized him after the loss against Osasuna at the end of La Liga,


when he stated that the club had behaved badly since January, referring to Setien’s appointment.

And Edir Sarabia, assistant to Setien, caused the failure of the relationship with the stars,

due to his unacceptable behavior with them,

and summarizes his famous shot insulting the players with words on the bench during the clasico confrontation everything!

A failed philosophy:

“The important thing is philosophy, and I die for my ideas.”

From his first day, Siten talked about his love for the philosophy of possession and the ball, overall,

“My model as a coach depends on the relationship with the ball. This is the point.

If you have the ball, no one can score in your goal, unless you put the ball with your foot in the net,

and of course the players enjoy football a lot more while the ball is at their feet instead of running behind it.

I always try to communicate these ideas to my players, so that they know that they must keep the ball for a longer period,

enter the opponent’s penalty area and thus double your chances of winning. ”

This philosophy that Setien articulated did not succeed in implementing clearly on the pitch to show Barcelona fading under his leadership

But the crises were not only on the stadium, but his period of technical leadership of the Blaugrana surrounded many other crises outside it.

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