Olympic lyon eliminated Manchester City !! Rating “Barcelona Agency” of the players in the match


A big surprise came from Lyon when they eliminated Manchester City from the 2019-2020 Champions League quarter-finals and qualified them to the semi-finals of Bayern Munich.

Olympique Lyon eliminated Manchester City in one of the tournament’s surprises by a score of 3/1 and eliminated Pep Guardiola again in the quarter-finals to meet Bayern Munich in the semi-finals.

In following is the ratings of Barcelona Agency of the players in the Manchester City-Lyon Champions League match

Evaluation of Manchester City players in the match Lyon in the Champions League

Ederson (4-10)

The Brazilian played a bad game, and his fluctuating level helped Lyon reach the City goal.

Walker (6-10)

He started the game well, but Lyon’s attack played a big match, especially Icambi and Cornet.

Eric Garcia (4-10)

The Spanish youngster needs more experience, he is more interested in the gaming industry than in defense.

Laporte (6-10)

He played an excellent game in control and playmaking, but suffered from positioning issues.

Joao Cancelo (6/10)

He played a good match, but he misses continuity.

Fernandinho (5-10)

He made a bad match and committed many mistakes, especially with the pressure of the Olympique de Lyon team.

Rodrigo (4-10)

He missed a chance from the Stirling industry and did not overtake central Lyon despite his attempts.

Gundogan (5-10)

He couldn’t play the way everyone got used to him, amid Lyon’s ferocity and defense.

De Bruyne (8-10)

The best Manchester City player in the match, gave his all and gave a wonderful pass to Stirling who strangely missed him and scored City’s only goal.

Sterling (6-10)

Made a good match that tormented Lyon’s defenses, but the missed goal contributed greatly to his team’s elimination.

Gabriel Jesus (5-10)

He did not give a big game, but his level rose somewhat after the equalizer and posed some danger to Lyon.

Riad Mehrez (6-10)

He did not make much difference after his entry due to the high defensive organization of Lyon and the ferocity of its players.

Evaluation of Lyon players in the Manchester City match in the Champions League

Lopez (6-10)

He made a big game, although he didn’t test much, that he was giving confidence to his team-mates

Dennier (7-10)

He was very strong and violent at times in front of Stirling but he did what it took.

Marcelo (7-10)

He defended the near post more than once while City tried to attack in that way, and in all he made a very big game in the Lyon defense.

Fernando Marcal (7-10)

The quick clearing of the area, playing hard on set balls, and shooting from afar in a ball that almost missed Ederson, all of this made the Brazilian get this rating.

Leo Dubois (6-10)

The lowest of the elements in this position was in Lyon, he suffered from positioning more than once in the first twenty minutes but managed to stop Cancello’s danger.

Max Cakery (7-10)

He turns the ball well, plays hard and creates confusion in the opponent’s midfield.

Bruno Guimaraes (6-10)

He played a medium game and contributed to playing City on the sides more and reduced the risk from the depth of the stadium.

Hussam Aoar (7-10)

An excellent player in terms of control, dribbling and a great danger to City.

Maxwell Cornet (8-10)

Brave and proactive, he made an excellent match, prevented Stirling from scoring and scored a goal in the match, an unforgettable match for Cornet.

Carl Tocco Ecambi (7-10)

He played beautifully on the line, providing excellent runs that terrified City’s defense and contributed to Lyon’s victory.

Memphis Depay (6-10)

He did not appear well in the match and made a bad game and stopping him was an easy task for City’s defense.

Moussa Dembele (9-10)

A substitute deserving of the title of best in the match, scored a brace and led his team to the Champions League semi-finals.

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