Comparing the numbers between Barcelona with Messi


Barcelona fans are going through difficult times in light of the news that Lionel Messi wants to leave the team during the current summer transfer period,

because he is the best player in the history of the club and the most decisive in the matches.

Barcelona fans fear that Messi’s departure will actually happen this summer.

We are talking about losing the most important player in the team,

but rather the player on whom the system was built completely,

and there is an agreement from everyone that his compensation will be impossible,

because there is no player in the world that possesses his potential and ability to Play multiple roles.

In fact, the numbers confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that Messi’s departure will inevitably affect Barcelona,

​​as far from the abundant goals he scores and creates every season, the team in general is doing better with his presence.

Barcelona without Messi are weaker in everything except for possession


Statistics show that Barcelona reaps 2.28 points in the match on average in the presence of Lionel Messi, while this rate drops to 2.10 points only in his absence, and some may think that the difference is not large, but it is in fact very large, when we translate it to a full season in which the team will play 38 games in La Liga without him, this means that he will lose 8 points than usual, and this number may be enough for Barca to lose the La Liga title every season.


In terms of goal scoring, Barcelona will not be affected much,

as the team scores 2.51 goals per match in the presence of Al-Barghout,

but when they are absent, the score reaches 1.49 goals per match, and of course this difference is not influential.

The striking thing is that the defensive side of Barcelona is deteriorating a lot in the absence of Messi, as the team receives 1.02 goals per game in his absence, while the team’s net is shaking with its presence at a rate of 0.88 goals per match, and this is of course due to the fact that the opponent dares more to Barca when he is not the star. The Argentine is present at the stadium.

One of the most stats that shows the extent to which Barcelona was affected by Messi’s departure is the scoring from set balls,

as the average with Messi reaches 0.44 goals per match, while the rate does not exceed 0.12 goals per match.

We can also notice that the percentage of shots on goal from the total shots decreases in the absence of Messi and does not exceed 39.4%,

while this percentage increases when he is present on the field to 43.8%.

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