Maguire on the Greek incident: I did not know that they were from the police … and I trust the innocence


“I have tremendous confidence in Greek law … a retrial gives us more time to prepare,

collect evidence and allow witnesses to come to court, and I’m really confident that the truth will come out,

Maguire said in statements to the BBC”.

Maguire added that he tried to escape because he did not know they were policemen.

“They hit me a lot in the legs … I was feeling a lot of panic and fear. I was afraid for my life,” he told the BBC


Maguire was excluded from the England national team list for the European Nations League competitions scheduled for next September, due to the case, but he said he was innocent of the charges.

He added: “Certainly, this position made things difficult for one of the biggest clubs in the world, so I regret putting the fans and the club in this position, but I did not make a mistake.”

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