Messi championships and achievements/New number for Messi

Messi championships and achievements

New number for Messi

Argentine star Lionel Messi lifted the Spanish Super Cup title, for the first time in his history as captain of Barcelona, ​​after defeating Seville with two goals to one, in the meeting that brought the two teams together at Ben Battuta Stadium in the Moroccan capital Tangier.

With this title Messi has become the most crowned title in Barcelona’s history, with 33 titles, surpassing his former colleague Andreas Iniesta, who has 32 championships throughout his participation with the Catalan team.

With this title, Messi was able to surpass Iniesta in the number of Super Cups with 8 titles, especially since the two were equal in the number of championships with 7 cups each.

Messi championships and achievements

Championships won by Messi

Messi won the La Liga title on 9 occasions.

Lionel won the King’s Cup 6 times.

The Argentine star won the European Champions League in 4 copies.

Liu won the European Super Cup three times.

 The best player in the world 5 times was able to win the Club World Cup 3 times.

The 30-year-old won the Spanish Super Cup 8 times

tournament for Messi

Collective prizes

الدوري الاسباني (10)

King’s Cup of Spain (6)

Spanish Super Cup (8)

UEFA Champions League (4)

European Super Cup (3)

Club World Cup (3)

championships with the national team

Gold Medal at the Summer Olympics: 2008

FIFA U-20 World Cup one-time champion: 2005

One-time World Cup and runners-up: 2014

Copa America and runners-up three times: 2007, 2015, 2016

Individual awards

FIFA Golden Ball: (4 times)

Golden Ball: (twice)

Best player in the world: (1 time)

FIFA Best Player Award: (1 time)

European Golden Boot: (6 times)

Best player in Europe: (twice)

UEFA Best Forwarder Award: (twice)

UEFA Award for Best Goal of the Year: (3 times)

The Best Player Award in the Spanish League: (8 times).

Best striker in La Liga award: (7 times)

Beachchi Award: (6 times)

La Liga Team of the Season Award: (twice)

La Liga top scorer: (6 times)

Top scorer for King’s Cup: (5 times)

Player of the Month in La Liga: (5 times):

Champions League top scorer: (6 times).

Best player in the UEFA Champions League: (1 time).

The best striker in the UEFA Champions League: (1 time)

Man of the Champions League Final match: (1 time)

Man of the Champions League Final match (depending on the crowd): (twice)

UEFA Team of the Season Award: (10 times)

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