Messi’s father arrives in Barcelona to negotiate his departure, “I don’t know anything,” he told reporters.


Messi’s father arrives in Barcelona to negotiate the future of his son who wants to leave. “I don’t know anything,” he said in his first statement on arrival.

Jorge Messi, the father of Argentine legend Lionel Messi, landed in Barcelona to negotiate the future of his son with the team and he wants to leave,

and said in his first statement on arrival:

«I do not know anything».

Messi, the father of his son’s agent, was photographed boarding a private plane from Argentina last night heading straight to Spain, landed at Barcelona’s Al-Brat airport,

and made some brief remarks with some journalists associated with the Catalan club.

Messi’s father arrives in Barcelona

In his first public appearance since the recent news about his son’s desire to leave Barcelona,

Jorge Messi simply said:

“I don’t know anything” he said this sentence as he approached a taxi that picked him up amid a commotion from journalists who waited for his arrival at the airport.

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Jorge Messi is scheduled to meet with Barcelona’s board members,

including President Josep Maria Bartomeu himself,

but perhaps later in the day, and he is scheduled to discuss the departure process with them as friendly as possible and without any complications.

This comes in the presence of Manchester City‘s sporting director Txiki Begirstein in Barcelona,

with some speculation that he will interview Lionel Messi to discuss the possibility of joining The City.

The English team is more than linked to Messi at the moment,

and some reports have even pointed to a set of terms of a five-year contract with a set of physical privileges

that will allow Messi to earn £600 million throughout the contract.

Messi did not attend the team’s first training with Dutch coach Ronald Koeman,

He also did not attend the tests of the new Coronavirus (Coved-19), which complicated his fate with Barcelona.

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