Al Neni wins his third title with Arsenal


Muhammad Al-Nani, who played his first official match with Al-Janarz,

after returning from loan with Besiktas Al-Turki, appeared well and performed well, playing from the kick-off until the final whistle.

The fans of the gunners expressed their great admiration for the

performance of the Nene, as many Arsenal fans likened him to Xavi Hernandez,

the legend of Barcelona, ​​Andrea Pirlo, the legend of Juventus, in addition to Rod Juliot, the legend of the Netherlands.

Here is the most prominent reaction of Arsenal fans to Mohamed El Nini’s performance

To start with, a fan wrote: “Neni Today,” using a picture of Rod Gullit, the legend of Holland.

Another wrote: “Why should we buy my party, and we have Muhammad Al-Nani?”

While one of them tweeted and wrote: “Mohamed Nasir (Chaffee) Mr. Al-Nini.”

Another wrote: “Neni Today,” also using a picture of Rod Gullit.

One of them tweeted, and he also agreed with that opinion and wrote with a picture of Gullit: “Mohamed Al-Nani today is against Liverpool.”

Another wrote: “There is only one Egyptian king, and that is Al-Naini.”


Another praised his performance, tweeting a picture of Arsenal legend Patrick, writing: “Neni today”.

One fan wrote: “Al-Neni is the original pharaoh, Arsenal is in line with Mikel Arteta.”

Another wrote: “Nini, respect for the Pirlo pyramids.”

Another likened Nani to Real Madrid legend Xabi Alonso: “Thank you for your performance today.”

One wrote: “Nene was great today, he was a danger in the midfield.”

Another writer tweeted: “El-Niny is the greatest Egyptian player of all time, there is no doubt about that.”

The wonderful comments towards Neni continued and a fan wrote: “Mohamed El Nani, he was good today, not as a start in my opinion with Arsenal, but as you can see that how he actually enters into Arteta’s philosophy, it remains to be seen whether he can be trusted in the long term.”

Al Neni wins his third title with Arsenal

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