Messi carries out his threat to Barcelona. And he’s cutting off the last hope of his retreat.


Messi carries out his threat to Barcelona, did not attend this morning for medical examinations and interrupts the last hope of his retreat from leaving and did not attend this morning for medical examinations.

The last few hours saw a heavy flare-up between FC Barcelona and its talented Argentine captain Lionel Messi,

in the wake of the recent crisis between the two sides on the back of Messi’s request to leave the Catalan club.

Lionel Messi announced on Saturday that he will not go to the date of the medical tests scheduled for Sunday for players and members of the technical organs of FC Barcelona,

in preparation for the start of the new season of La Liga, First Division, scheduled for September.

Barcelona players came this morning to the sports city of Juan Gamber of FC Barcelona,

in order to conduct a medical examination to detect the new Coronavirus «Coved-19»,

but Lionel Messi carried out his threat and did not attend,

which opens new horizons in the player’s struggle with the management of FC Barcelona, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The matter between Messi and Barcelona is now a real battle, and each side has its legal team,

its arguments and papers, where Messi asks to leave the club,

and Barcelona responds that he is not entitled without paying the penalty clause in his contract.

Messi was scheduled to attend at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday (08:15 GMT) at the club’s training ground,

in order to undergo the PCR test, but the player did not attend,

a move that means that Messi will not be present in the team’s first training session

in preparation for the new season, scheduled for Monday.

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Messi’s move comes despite the presence of his close friend Uruguayan international striker Luis Suarez,


who is also in a major crisis with barcelona’s management.

The Spanish Football Federation and the La Liga association require to bypass any player for the tests «PCR»

before his presence in the first training session of his team,

and is expected to play Barcelona first at 5:30 pm Saturday evening (3:30 pm GMT)

for the first time under the leadership of the new Dutch coach Ronald Koeman,

and Messi will not be – according to the terms of the League – existafter his absence from the medical tests,

meaning that his decision to leave the club is now final and

irreversible, and that the Argentine will bear all the consequences of This one.

At the moment it seems difficult between the two parties,

Messi and his lawyers are sticking to the departure of the club according to the condition that the deadline

for the request of the player to leave 10 days after the end of the season,

which happened from Messi due to the extension of the season until August,

while Barcelona believes that the deadline for the departure of the player and not extendhis contract automatically for a new season was on 10 June last.

Messi’s contract, which he renewed in 2017 for a three-year term,

with the possibility of a fourth season extension with the consent of both parties,

and if the three-year contract expires,

the contract is automatically renewed unless one of the parties requests otherwise.

In any case .. Things got complicated between the two sides and Messi threatened with sanctions according to barcelona’s point of view,

while the player’s defense believes that his position is sound, and the coming days will reveal all the facts between the two sides.

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