Football Origin: Who is the owner of the idea of colored cards


It is not possible to imagine a match without showing the yellow or red card, and it may be rare that a clean match comes out devoid of these colored cards

In the year of modern football, it is not possible to imagine a match without showing the yellow or red card,

and it may be rare for a clean match to come out free of these colored cards, and some may wonder about how these cards appeared,

and the reasons that prompted it, and this is what we will show you In the following lines:

At first, the players were verbally warned, and some signals were issued to expel them from the pitch or warn them,

but this caused ongoing controversy, perhaps most notably what happened in the England and Argentina match during the 1966 World Cup,

when German referee Rudolf Cretlin expelled the captain of the Argentina national team.

He cured him and asked him to leave the field, but did not come out and rebuked the referee,

causing a major controversy and an attack on Kretlin,

which made Aston Kane, chair of the Referees Committee from 1970 to 1972, to think of an urgent solution to this matter.

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For those who do not know who Ken Aston is, let’s get to know him,

he was at the beginning of his career as a teacher in one of the schools,

and as usual, teachers usually lead football matches that were held inside the schoolyard,

and the matter developed with Aston until he led matches outside his school, and in the year 1936,

Aston was classified as an official referee, and took over the leadership of a match in the 1962 World Cup between Chile and Switzerland (3-1)


and managed the match in a magnificent manner and praising FIFA officials, and retired from control in 1963.

A traffic light inspires Aston with the idea of ​​the colored cards

After the controversy that occurred in the 66th World Cup,

Aston (he was a member of the FIFA jury in 1966) began to think of ways to avoid these problems in the future,

until he came up with an idea while driving the car, inspired by the traffic light system, and Aston said:

«While I was driving down Kensington Street, a red light appeared, and I thought at the time (yellow to calm down, red to drive outside).

The use of colored cards for the first time

In the 1970 World Cup, yellow and red cards were used for the first time in the World Cup in Mexico,

and from this moment the colored cards became part of the football system,

and all this is due to Aston’s contribution to the invention of this idea.

During an interview with Aston, he confirmed that football is a theatrical act followed by millions from around the world, saying:

“Football is a dramatic work consisting of two workers, and the presence of 22 actors on stage,

and a leader of the theater is the referee of the game, and there is no scenario because you do not know how this work will be finished, but the most important thing is to enjoy it. ”

It is worth noting that Aston died on October 23, 2001, at the age of 86,

leaving behind many inventions in the world of the round witch, which are used so far in the stadiums of fans’ beloved.

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