Quique Setien teaches Messi how to control the ball


The relationship between Lionel Messi and former Barcelona coach Quique Setien witnessed many controversies recently reported by the Spanish media.

Since Quique Setien, the former coach of the Barcelona team, appeared days ago through the Spanish media to talk about his time in the Catalan team and his relationship with the legendary Lionel Messi,

the captain of the team, and every day a new side of problems and conflict between the talented player and his coach is revealed in the castle ( Camp Nou).

Quique Setien was sacked from Barcelona last August after the team lost the Spanish League title to the traditional rivals Real Madrid,

as well as the humiliating exit of Barca from the Champions League, by Bayern Munich, by losing 8-2 in the quarter-finals. .

Quique Setien had made statements about his time in Barcelona,

​​in which he criticized Messi for his influence and power in decision-making inside Barcelona,

​​indicating that the Argentine player is in one way or another stronger than the coach of the team.

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After these statements, reports revealed the details of an incident that occurred between Messi and Quique Setien last season during the Celta Vigo match,

where a verbal altercation occurred between the player and his coach at the Palaidos stadium,

where Messi demanded that Setien treat the Barcelona stars more respectfully, and the latter responded by saying:

If you do not like it, you know the door well.

Surprises continue in the crisis between the two sides after Spanish press reports revealed during the past hours about the moment when problems erupted between Messi and Quique Setien,


indicating that the relationship between the two parties had been tense for some time and before the humiliating loss of Bayern Munich.

The famous Spanish “El Chiringuito” program explained that the greatest player in the world and the most capable player to control the ball among all the ballplayers,

the magician Lionel Messi, was Quique Setien trying to teach him and explain to him how to control the ball,

and how Messi did not lose the ball easily.

The program said: Quique Setien criticized Messi for losing a lot of balls as a result of his stakes in dribbling the opponents’ pitch.

The “El Chiringuito” commented sarcastically on what Quique Setien was doing, which ignited the fuse between him and Messi,

stressing that there is no coach in the world who can explain to Messi how to control the ball and keep it from competitors and opponents.

The well-known TV program added that Quique Setien was also explaining to Barcelona’s players the technical matters that he wanted to apply by comparing them with the players of his former team, Real Betis,

which caused a state of anger among Barcelona’s top stars.

The program exploded another surprise by revealing that Quique Setien was rarely studying Barcelona’s rivals well,

which caused the team’s results to decline, and he was always late to the team’s training.

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