Maradona returns to the hospital … and the reason is not Corona


Argentine press reports confirm that Diego Armando Maradona is hospitalized for the second time in one year.

Argentine press reports revealed today that the star Diego Armando Maradona, the Tango legend, has been hospitalized in a city in La Plata.

This came according to what was reported by “Kronika” channel, and many other sources confirmed its report later, including the doctor treating him.

Reports indicated that Maradona’s detention in the hospital came as he desired,

in light of his deteriorating health and his desire to make sure of his improvement.

A CT scan of Maradona showed that he had a subdural hematoma on his head, so doctors decided he needed surgery.

The retired Argentine star is scheduled to undergo this operation this evening, Tuesday, which is the same place he underwent knee surgery last year.

This is not the first time that Maradona has been detained in the hospital,

as he had previously been kept in custody during January of last year due to stomach bleeding.

Maradona’s doctor said: “He is in better condition than yesterday and wants to go home,


but the idea is that we keep him here until tomorrow. He is suffering from some dehydration and he needs to improve that before going out.”

He added: “He wants to go out because he feels better, and he has a good feeling. We spoke and exchanged jokes and walked outside the clinic for a while, his condition is gradually improving.”

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At the same time, “Clarin” newspaper confirmed that Maradona was hospitalized for psychological reasons,

primarily for the purpose of conducting some medical tests.

The newspaper pointed out that the main reason for the deteriorating psychological state of the great Argentine star is his failure to celebrate his last birthday with his children.

It is worth noting that Maradona had celebrated his sixtieth birthday on the 30th of last October,

as he received congratulations from everywhere in the world.

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