Quique Setien breaks his silence and talks about Messi’s power in Barcelona and the 8-2 loss


After Barcelona lost to Bayern Munich, 8-2, coach Quique Setien was sacked, and Ronald Koeman was appointed as Messi’s technical director.

For the first time since his departure from the ranks of Barcelona, ​​Spain, former Barca coach Quique Setien spoke in a comprehensive and open dialogue about everything during his time at FC Barcelona and the relationship with the legend Lionel Messi,

as well as the humiliating loss of Bayern Munich, 8-2, in the Champions League Europe,

after which he was sacked from coaching the Catalan team.

Quique Setien appeared in a press interview on the pages of the newspaper (El Pais) to analyze the period he spent in Barcelona for 8 months on the team’s bench as the technical director of the Catalan giant,

stressing that he felt that he was not present in Barcelona.

Setien said:

The experience in Barcelona was extraordinary, I was in a unique experience, and I told the players from day one that I had never been in a dressing room like this before, and that I dealt with the best players from the world.

Quique Setien: Who am I to make Messi change

And he continued, speaking of Messi:

I think Messi is the best of all time, there were other great players who were wonderful, but the continuity that this boy enjoyed over the years had not been reached by anyone before.

Quique Setien said:

Messi is difficult to control, as he is one of the stars who is not easy to manage, and he is the best player of all time, and who am I to change him?

If they had accepted him in Barcelona for years with this status and had not changed it, there is another side that is not a sports side and it is more complicated in his management, much more, something inherent in many athletes.

And about Messi’s character, he continued:

He is very conservative but he makes you see the things he wants, he does not talk much, and what I know is that at certain times I had to make other decisions,

but there are things that are bigger than you and not in your hand.

Quique Setien: It is difficult to control Messi … and one day I will write about Barcelona’s loss 8-2 Kiki Setien: It is difficult to control Messi … and one day I will write about …


Messi gave the example of Argentine coach Tata Martinho, who had coached Barcelona before and was afraid of Messi’s power inside the club, and said: Tata Martinho has said to Messi:

I know that if you call the president, you can dismiss me at any time, but you don’t show me this every day?

And I don’t need anyone to tell me what Martineau or anyone else said,

I lived it, had enough experience to accurately assess this boy and the rest of the players.

Quique Setien talks about the Eder Sarabia crisis in Barcelona

Regarding the problem that occurred with his assistant, Idir Sarabia, and giving him instructions to the players, Quique Setien said:

From the first day I told the players that Edir is a big child with energy and loves football,

and on the day the cameras filmed him saying things to the players, I told him that I do not agree with this matter.

The next day I spoke to the team leaders and apologized to them,

so they told me they don’t care about him when he shouts to get their attention.

And about his time in Barcelona, ​​he said:

I was not, and I could not find myself when he signed with a club like Barcelona,

​​you know that things will not be easy despite the presence of the best players in the world,

I could make strict decisions, but it did not You wouldn’t fix anything in such a short period of time.

Quique Setien concluded by talking about the humiliating loss to Bayern Munich,

with a score of 8-2 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, which was his last reign with Barcelona, ​​saying:

I have been badly affected by it, I entered Barcelona’s history with this defeat, and I undoubtedly bear a part It is the responsibility of the loss,

but the decision to dismiss me was already made before this match, and one day I will write about this loss.

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