On his 60th birthday Maradona … the birth of the most controversial legend on and off the field


Diego Armando Maradona is considered one of the most important players in the history of football with his unique talent, and he is considered one of the most controversial, both on and off the field.

Diego Armando Maradona … the eternal football legend, a name that makes millions of followers feel crazy, enthusiastic,

and energized, making them feel as if they are watching one of the songs on the pitch.

The player who has been called the poet of football, which is described by some as greatly underestimating his potential,

explaining this that there are no words that really describe the potential of the player, and certainly, they have every right to do so.

But although everyone knows Maradona’s talent, not many know the story of his life, moments of his glory and moments of his failure,

and in this report, we tell the story of the legend who today celebrates his 60th birthday.

The birth, the emergence, and the beginning

Maradona was born in 1960, in a period when Latin America was suffering from coups,

financial crises, and dreams of escaping from the extreme poverty that surrounds everyone,

but Maradona challenged all of that, and he who emerged from a very poor family,

and filled his heart with football love, to be discovered by the Buenos Aires team Argentinos,

to play with him at the age of 11,

and amazed the fans with his football skills in between the two halves of the first-team matches.

And with the age of 16, there was nothing to prevent Maradona from joining the first team,

to the culmination of his efforts by calling him into the ranks of the first Argentine national team from veteran coach Cesar Luis Menotti when he was 17 years old,

to play his first World Cup in 1982 when he was twenty-two years old. , Scoring 5 goals in this tournament,

but Maradona had to wait another 4 years to try to get the title after the Argentine national team left Italy in the first knockout round,

in the match that Maradona did not participate in after he received a red card in the last group stage matches.

The year 1986 was Maradona’s date with glory, with a performance that is the highest in the player’s career,

and perhaps one of the best levels of players in history. Diego scored 5 goals and gave 5 other assists,

to help the “Tango Dancers” win the title, and perhaps everyone does not remember from this tournament.

Except for the “Hand of God” shot, when he scored a goal against England in the semi-finals with his hand, to go out after the match to say about the goal:

“The hand of God is the one who scored the goal, not my hand.”

Maradona played for Boca Juniors, Barcelona, ​​Naples, Seville, and Newell’s Old Boys,

before concluding his career at Boca Juniors in 1997,

and everything between 1976 and 1997 of a technical level and superior skills are known to all.

The king of contrasts

Diego Armando Maradona believes in God, but at the same time he believes that he is the god of football on earth,


and when he scored the famous goal with his hand, he went out to say that it is the hand of God and not his hand.

This beginning was conclusive evidence of the contradiction in Marduana’s personality,

who we previously mentioned is one of the most controversial players,

and among his controversial positions is that despite being surrounded all the time by a lot of close friends,

and the lover crowd who always sings his name,

he was He feels that he is alone, and this caused him to become depressed,

which led him to take an overdose of drugs, which caused him a stroke, and was taken to hospital.

Maradona suffered three heart attacks and was hospitalized a lot, to go out in several statements and thank football for what it provided him,

and thank God for his care for him and his family, then he says in other statements: “I am Maradona, and Maradona does what he wants.”

The Argentine player who took the Brazilian remorse Pele method and developed it,

turning the stadium into his own theater, and making the eighties period turn its name into the Maradona era,

his news did not stop only inside the green rectangle,

but news of drugs, rebellion, and other news was as good as his wonderful skills and goals.

Although he was the favorite hero of the Italian fans of Naples,

he was one of the most hated in Italy after he was eliminated by the Italian national team in the World Cup semi-finals,

to turn Maradona from the savior to the evil Maradona, and when Maraduana announced his departure from Naples,

insults and curses flooded him Simply because they loved him too much,

they loved him to the point where they could not imagine their evil savior leaving the team,

and after the doping and drug crisis in which the player was involved, the story of Maradona’s brilliance completely ended,

and he began writing the last chapter of his story, which was entitled “The Collapse of Symbol”.

Maradona surnames

Nine titles at club level and three titles at the level of the Argentine national team of different age groups,

this is the summary of Maradona’s achievements in terms of collective titles, as he won the Argentine League title with Boca Juniors,

the King’s Cup, the Spanish League Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup with Barcelona.

His most prominent period at the club level was with Napoli, where he won the Italian league twice,

the Italian Cup once, the European Cup once and the Italian Super Cup once,

meaning that he won 5 titles in the 4 seasons he spent with the “poor of the south”.

At the international level with the Argentine national team, he won the World Youth Cup title with the year 1979, a

nd the Artemio Franchi title in 1993 and the only advantage that Maraduana fans take as an excuse in the face of those who say that his compatriot Lionel Messi is better than him is that Maradona achieved with his country the Cup title The World 1986

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