Loneliness … the reason for the low level of Lionel Messi


There were glimpses of the usual Lionel Messi in the first half of El Clásico last Saturday and none of Casemiro, Nacho and Ramos succeeded in curbing his danger, even the only goal pass to Barcelona, ​​

in which he took out both Alba and Fati in a good place, was a hint of his brightness.

Everyone looks forward to Messi even if he was at his lowest levels,

and he touched the ball 98 times between the two teams, but he did not score any goal.

Lionel Messi suffered from a delay in the changes of the Dutchman Ronald Koeman,

who pushed three strikers once in the 81st minute: Antoine Griezmann, Francesco Trinkao, and Osman Dembley,

but this did not change the truth of the matter, Messi failed to score and achieved many negative numbers by his inability to score in the last 6 Clasico matches.

Messi has never scored since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid,

the strong bilateral struggle between the two prominent stars when he disappeared,

Messi’s motives for shining in the strongest matches of the entire football season have diminished.

A final 515 minutes for Messi against Real Madrid, he did not score, it is not a matter of not trying,

as he has aimed at the goal on 19 occasions,

but the matter has to do with somewhat low performance and lack of efficiency,

and most importantly some other psychological factors.

Messi has always had the help of his Barcelona team-mates to disturb Real Madrid in the Clasico.

Creating space or giving a decisive pass is enough for the Argentine flea,

that helps completely ended with the departure of the last assistant, Luis Suarez.

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Messi was helped throughout his career in Barcelona, ​​with players such as Thierry Henry, Samuel Eto’o, Pedro, David Villa, then Neymar and Loy Suarez,

Messi is now alone, and he now finds himself in the midst of a squad in which no one helps him,


a lineup of two 17-year-old players, including Felipe Coutinho, who has a fluctuating level,

The most important thing is that Coutinho is injured and will be out for three weeks, until!

But the most important assistant now is Ansu Fati, the promising young man who breaks numbers with unprecedented ferocity,

he is the top scorer in La Liga with four goals and when he breaks the eighteenth yet,

and Pedri, the midfielder whom Koeman believes very much, has made better matches than he did in El Clasico,

but if Messi is gone From the team’s ranks, these young people will not be able to lead Barcelona, ​​and that is exactly the dilemma,

Messi feels that he alone is asking him for everything without any help or deduction from another player.

The news that comes every Mercato about returning Neymar, and then joining Lautaro Martinez, would have comforted Messi,

but he finds himself for an extra season completely alone, demanding glimpses of his own artistic magic,

something that can no longer be continued on his own and to be in the interest of the team as it was with the presence of assistants Strong to him.

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Messi may search for the ideal partnership outside Barcelona, ​​this is what he requested in the Mercato last summer,

when he was finding in Pep Guardiola the ideal partner and assistant for the remainder of his career,

but the famous Borofax crisis and Barcelona’s restriction of him with a giant penalty clause forced him to remain in the Blaugrana reluctantly.

But the desire may be repeated in light of repeated failures. And Messi again aspires to go out and breathe freely with new assistants.

Lionel Messi

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