Reports: Pogba retires played with the French national team due to Macron’s statements against Islam


The French Muslim star Paul Pogba, the Manchester United player, is dominated by a state of great anger over the statements of French President Macron against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad

After a period of criticism and absence due to injury, Frenchman Paul Pogba this season gives a remarkable performance with his Manchester United team after he formed a wonderful partnership in the middle of the (Red Devils) stadium with Portuguese Bruno Fernandez,

and the player shines with the French national team under the leadership of veteran coach Didier Deschamps.

Reports in the past hours published by the famous British newspaper (Sun) revealed that Pogba decided,

while he was in his prime and at the height of glory, to retire with the French nati onal team,


due to the recent statements of French President Emmanuel Macron about Islam and that it is a religion of terrorism and his insult to the Prophet Muhammad,

may God bless him. And blessings.

Reports claimed that Paul Pogba made the decision in the wake of Macron’s statements last Friday,

and also indicated that the French government’s decision to honor the teacher who published insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad,

was also behind this move in light of Pogba’s anger at what is happening from his country’s officials.

Paul Pogba did not comment on this news or the officials of the French Football Association,

but the report published by (Sun), citing Arab and Middle Eastern sources, claimed that Pogba considered the decision an insult to him and to the French Muslims,

especially since Islam is the second religion in France after Christianity.

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Meanwhile, calls are increasing around the world to boycott French goods,

following the president’s comments accusing Muslims of separatism and his pledge not to abandon the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Paul Pogba appeared in the French national team for the first time in 2013, and since that time has been active in the ranks of the roosters,

and is considered one of the most prominent stars of the team in recent years,

and led the roosters to crown the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Accurately, Paul Pogba has played for France so far in 72 international matches and scored ten goals for the French national team.

Paul Pogba is known to be religiously observant, prays, and performs the duties of Islam such as Hajj from time to time.

Macron’s statements against Islam Macron’s statements against Islam

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