Message from Van Dijk to Liverpool fans before he undergoes knee surgery


Dutch Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool defense star, issued a statement to the Reds fans before he underwent surgery after being injured during the Everton match in the English Premier League

Dutch international Virgil van Dijk, the rock of Liverpool‘s defense, pledged to return better, stronger,

and more prepared than he was, after suffering a severe knee injury and having to undergo surgery.

Van Dyck was injured during the Liverpool and Everton match, which was held yesterday evening, Saturday,

as part of the fifth round of the English Premier League (Premier League),

which ended in a positive tie with two goals each, following a violent intervention by veteran Englishman Jordan Pickford, goalkeeper.

Liverpool, who won the Premier League title last season, confirmed in a statement that Van Dijk had suffered a hamstring injury and was likely to miss the rest of the Reds’ matches this season.

Virgil van Dijk is due to undergo surgery to treat the injury he suffered in the first half of the Merseyside derby during the Beckford incident.

Van Dijk said in a tweet on his personal account on the Twitter microblogging site that he thanked everyone for their support as he prepared for the surgery.

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The Dutchman said, “Today at noon, I met with a senior consultant to start the process of planning the precise details of my rehabilitation following the injury.”


He added, “I am now completely focused on recovery, and I will do everything in my power to get back as soon as possible.”

And Virgil continued: “Despite the apparent frustration, I have a firm belief that out of the womb of difficulties generate opportunities, and with the help of God,

I will definitely return better, more prepared, and stronger than I was before.”

The Dutchman continued: “In football, as it is in life, I think that everything happens for a reason,

and it is important that we try and maintain the level in time of scholarship and adversity,

and with the support of my wife, my children, and my family, and everyone in Liverpool, I am ready to take on the challenge.”

Virgil concluded his remarks by saying: “I would like to thank everyone for the letters of support, and this means a lot to me and my family,

and I will do my best to support my colleagues in any way before the next big rounds, and as I recover day after day, I will return.”

Liverpool is third in the Premier League table, with 10 points from 5 matches in the competition.

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