Does a fast trial end? Bayern Munich and Liverpool scandals corrupt Flick’s philosophy!


Is Flick’s experience over after it was repeated in Liverpool?
A style of play that dazzled everyone, especially in the Champions League, great victories,

and humiliating results for the opponents, regardless of the names, this is how Bayern Munich appeared with coach Hansi Flick.

Bayern Munich managed to outperform everyone, beating Barcelona 8-2 and killing the match in half an hour,

sweeping Lyon and winning the Champions League title, and then start the new season by beating Schalke by eight clean.

Bayern Munich’s results, strong attacking style and historical victories made some teams imitate Flick’s philosophy by attacking ahead

and pressing the largest possible number of players at all costs, and at the head of these teams was Liverpool.

But the results at the beginning of the current season were not good,

as Bayern Munich lost to Hoffenheim in four and narrowly beat Hertha Berlin in the German League with a score of 4-3,

while Liverpool fell against Aston Villa with seven in a match that the Reds fans will not forget.

Did these results reveal the failure of Flick’s philosophy and forcing Jurgen Klopp in the upcoming matches to backtrack on this method?

Every action has a reaction

Flick needs to apply his philosophy of playing 4-2-3-1 with two backs with great attacking capabilities such as Alfonso Davis and Joshua Kimmich

and names in the middle who possess the physical and technical abilities to get the ball back in the fastest way possible, such as Thiago Alcantara and Leon Goritska.

In attack, the presence of wards that tend to go deep into the field, such as Kingsley Coman or Serge Gnabry,

alongside newcomers, Douglas Costa and Leroy Sané is a major part of the coach’s ideas.


Barcelona agency team’s report about Bayern Munich coach and a Video on our own way

Flick’s main goal is to keep the opponent out of their zone and build up play in Zone # 14,

which increases the likelihood of converting chances into goals and makes the team able to score in abundance.

Despite the success of this in a number of matches, but even teams that lost big results such as Barcelona or Lyon revealed flaws in this method,

namely that once the first line of pressure is broken, scoring becomes easier.

Single rolls

Davis’ speed, ability to rebound, and Manuel Neuer’s brilliance on many occasions made the team appear flawless,

but the reliance here came only on individual skills.

With the start of the new season, the teams began to play on the flaws of Flick’s plan,

and with the midfielders’ abilities to break the pressure, the rebounds became lethal,

and no matter how brilliant Neuer, the goal is coming sooner or later.

The crisis of the idea is that Bayern Munich has become able to score a lot of goals, but it may also concede many goals,

which means that the only difference that makes it wins is that its attackers succeed in translating opportunities better than the opponent, so whoever fails to do so loses.

For this reason, the percentage of goals scored for Bayern Munich in the matches of this season reached 10.6,

which is a large number in 3 matches,

but also the percentage of goals scored reached 5.5, which is a huge number.

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