Wijnaldum: Barcelona is the reason why I didn’t join them


Jorginho Wijnaldum, the Liverpool player, justified not joining Barcelona during the expired summer transfer market,

saying the Catalan club was “not serious” in its negotiations.

After announcing Ronald Koeman as Barca coach two months ago,

the name Wijnaldum was the first to support the midfield of the Blaugrana due to the strength of the relationship

between the duo and their work together with the Netherlands national team.

In the end, the news slowly receded until it disappeared,

and Wijnaldum remained naturally with Liverpool despite the news received from the English newspapers that the Reds were not against selling him to Barca.

Wijnaldum, in turn, answered questions from the press about why the deal had not been completed and said,

“I think the matter was not very serious.

Otherwise, I would have heard more about the matter or other things happened, but there was nothing concrete.j

The former Newcastle star was not the only Dutch name that was associated with Barcelona Koeman,

as until the last moments, the former mill coach had dreamed of winning the services of Memphis Depay from Lyon, but things did not happen in the end.


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Wijnaldum does not see that the matter will affect his colleague’s psyche as some claim, as he said,

“No, he is very strong in these situations and he can deal with them well.”

It should be noted that Wijnaldum’s contract with Liverpool will expire in the summer of 2021,

and he has not reached an agreement on the extension yet,

and he responded to that in his recent statements by saying, “His situation may change in the coming months.”

It is also worth noting that Wijnaldum is currently in the company of Depay in the Dutch national team camp in preparation for the friendly match against Mexico and then playing in the European Nations League

wijnaldum barcelona

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