The summer Mercato: A complete failure for Barcelona: La Depay, Eric, La Dembele, and Umtiti


Barcelona Mercato: Barcelona failed during the summer transfer market, failing to sign Depay and Erik Garcia, as well as getting rid of Dembele and Samuel Umtiti.

The summer transfer market ended yesterday, Monday, October 5, and despite the great effort made by the Barcelona club,

he was unable to settle any of the strong deals he wanted to sign with him,

and he was also unable to give up a number of players far from their level for many months.

Barcelona wanted to clinch two important deals at the level of defense and offense lines, namely:

Eric Garcia, the heart of Manchester City’s defense, and Memphis Depay, striker and winger of the French Olympic team.

Manchester City management estimated the value of Eric Garcia at 10 million euros and the same as variables,

but the Barcelona administration presented,

as a final offer, 5 million euros in addition to 10 million euros as variables,

but the Premier League runner up refused this offer,


despite the end of Eric Garcia’s contract with the club in The summer of next year and his ability to enter into free leave negotiations with any other club starting next January.

The Barcelona administration also tried to sign Memphis Depay,

but it seems that the offer did not satisfy the management of Olympique Lyon.

Barcelona nearly a month ago reached an agreement with Memphis Depay, who is able to play in any of the attack centers,

and he also reached an agreement with his French counterpart about the player since the days of Barcelona,

​​but Osman Dembele’s refusal to leave Barcelona completely disrupted the deal.

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Osman Dembele wanted to obtain guarantees from Barcelona that he would leave him for free to settle his future if he agreed to move to Manchester United on a loan system.

The money from Osman Dembele’s departure would have contributed to settling the Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia deals, but Barcelona failed to persuade Dembele to leave.

Alcantara go to Paris Saint-Germain

Despite the departure of Rafinha Alcantara to Paris Saint-Germain for only 3 million euros as variables,

in addition to 35% of his future sale, this value did not contribute anything to Garcia or Depay’s deal.

Ravinia Alcantara was outside the Barcelona administration accounts and the player also wanted to leave,

especially since his contract will expire next summer,

so Barcelona and the player preferred to separate during the Mercato last summer.

Memphis Depay was not the only deal that Barcelona failed to complete, as Eric Garcia joins him as well,

and Barcelona kept negotiating with Manchester City throughout the summer transfer season,

but they differed over the value of the variables,

so the Spanish center of defense will postpone his dream of returning to Camp Nou for several months.

Umtiti .. no one wants it

The Barcelona administration has also failed to find another destination for French defender Samuel Umtiti,

who also refuses to leave, as there is no club that wants to sign him due to the player’s many injuries and his departure completely from his level that preceded the World Cup in Russia,

so the French will remain as the fourth heart of defense after Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet, and Araujo.

The Barcelona administration succeeded in one deal, which was to loan Jean-Claire Todibo for two seasons to Benfica,

as the two parties reached an agreement in the last hours of the summer Mercato.

Todibo joined Benfica on loan for two seasons for 2 million euros, with an option to buy for 20 million euros, which will be paid by the player’s salary.

Barcelona Mercato

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