Conflict over the fate of the Juventus-Napoli meeting between postponement and cancellation


A new unresolved crisis in Italian football

Conflicting news about the fate of the Juventus-Napoli meeting on Sunday evening for Serie A between postponement and cancellation after the southern team did not travel to Turin.

The agency “ANSA” reported that things are moving towards considering Naples as a loser because the health authority did not force the team not to travel and go into isolation,

and therefore he is considered withdrawn.

On the other hand, Radio Case Case, which is close to Naples,

quoted Le Monaco, the advisor of the Italian Federation,

statements stating the direction of the Federation to postpone the match due to the rules that favor the position of Naples.

“ANSA” revealed that Napoli’s stance on not traveling is due to being a response from club president Aurelio de Laurentiis to leaving the federation and the authorities.

The Genoa team is traveling to meet its team despite the presence of injuries in its ranks and its height after the match.

Saturday, 3 October

Juventus club announced the emergence of two new cases of Coronavirus

in its ranks, hours before the team’s confrontation with Napoli, tomorrow evening, Sunday.

This came in an official statement issued by Juventus a short while ago,

in which he confirmed that the two injuries were outside the first football team,

with its medical and technical apparatus and players.

And the club wrote in the statement:

“Juventus announces the presence of two cases of Coronavirus in its ranks for two workers in the football team,

but they are not part of the players or the technical or medical team despite that.”

Juventus News Today Pirlo’s confidence and the position of the Naples meeting


He added, “Nevertheless, and following the established procedures,

the entire team will be isolated from that moment, and they will not deal with anyone outside the group.”

The statement continued: “Isolation allows training naturally and training,

but it is not possible to communicate with any element from outside the group,

and it will be implemented in coordination with the medical authorities.”

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The Italian League is currently suffering from many infections with the Coronavirus,

most notably in Genoa, which suffers from 22 infections.

At the same time, the health authorities refused the Napoli club to travel to Turin for the tomorrow’s meeting,

after Elv Elmas and Piotr Zelensky were confirmed injured.

Then Juventus announced in an official statement that his team will go to the stadium on the specified date

and will be ready for it regardless of the current conditions.

The club wrote in the statement: “The first team will be in the stadium to face Napoli at 8:45 pm tomorrow,

as the schedule issued by the Italian League was previously set.”

Then the Italian Football League announced that the match would be held on schedule without any delay even if Napoli did not arrive,

which means that the visiting team will lose the meeting by not attending.

It is worth noting that Juventus is currently ranked seventh in the Italian league table with four points after the draw with Roma last week.



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