Decisive meeting in Barcelona to decide the departure of Bartomeu


Josep Maria Bartomeu became the president of Barcelona, ​​on the verge of leaving the Catalan club,

with the continuation of the procedures for the withdrawal of confidence from him during the recent period.

The Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” confirmed that the president will speak at a crucial meeting of the board of directors on Monday 12 October or Tuesday 13 of the same month to decide on his fate.

She explained that next Friday will be the deadline for examining the signatures collected to withdraw confidence and force Bartomeu to resign.

Barcelona issued an official statement announcing the formation of a committee to examine the votes that had been gathered to withdraw confidence from Josep Maria Bartomeu,

in a new step that posed a real and great threat to the Catalan president.

Barcelona members moved against Bartomeu and his board of directors in the last months to withdraw confidence

after the deterioration of the situation in the sporting and economic terms,

and steps to withdraw confidence began, despite the president’s assertion of his indifference to that.

However, the recall campaign managed to collect 21 thousand signatures at a time

when the recall procedure needs to only 16 thousand,


which shows how bad Bartomeu’s position and the decline of his popularity within the region.

Today Barcelona formed a committee to examine the votes consisting of two members of the board of directors,

the petitioner and the second plaintiff to place the censure,

with the commission headed by a delegate from the Catalan federation whose name is Josep Maria Valbona.

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The committee has a maximum of 10 days to examine the votes, and as soon as they are confirmed and matched,

Bartomeu will be obliged to submit whether or not his continuation in a referendum within a period of 10 days as well.

In any case, even if the vote renews the legitimacy of Bartomeu,

the club’s presidential elections will be held on the specified date in late March 2021.

It is noteworthy that the departure of Bartomeu may double the hopes of Barcelona fans

in the continuation of Lionel Messi after the end of his contract next summer,

as the biggest problems of the flea will remain the administration,

its false promises, and its unprofessional behavior at all levels.

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